happy birthday dad!

so today is my dad’s birthday! he’s celebrating by working. but after work he and mom will leave for “the boat” (a little yacht they have on the delta). he loves that thing. they get to go up there all the time, although i’m sure dad would love to be there more! its a beautiful, old cris craft (wooden boat) and my dad has restored almost all of it, while mom has enjoyed redecorating the interior. i think after all the years of owning a big home and all the responsibilities that go along with it, they are really enjoying having a small space. in fact, they have just finished plans to build a guest house over our garage. they enjoy “loft living”, and will be here part time, although i’d rather it were full time. isn’t it strange how you have the hardest time with your parents when you live with them, but after time apart you feel like you can’t live without them? i really appreciate my parents and the love and support they have given sean and me (and the girls). they are incredible parents, grandparents, and now even as friends! the picture above is of me and my dad dancing at my wedding.

so (subject change!), easter is fast approaching – aahhh! so if you missed monday’s “ladies salad supper” at church they talked about easter traditions. unfortunately i missed some of it because of my over-active (pregnancy) bladder and my frequent visits to the restroom! so does anyone have any good traditions or ideas of things they do with their kids or did as a child that really focuses on christ? although painting eggs is fun and i don’t want to pass on that, and we love a good egg hunt, i don’t want any of that to be the focus. i did learn about “resurrection eggs” if anyone wants more info on that. but i want something that is really appropriate for little ones (preschool age).
time to get the kids down for naps! maybe i’ll get a sewing project done while they’re sleeping – i’ll post pics of that soon!


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    so glad you are starting a blog. its a great way to keep up on each other. also–i want to get inspired by your creative projects!!

    i can’t believe easter is coming so fast! the parable has some great books that appropriate for preschoolers.

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    Your blog looks great. It’s a good way to keep up with friends.

    Some ideas for Easter..
    Placing symbols or small “elements” of the Easter story in plasic eggs during the hunt. (a small donkey, a small piece of breaad, a dime for the pieces of silver, a tiny bottle of perfume, plastic palm leaves, etc..)

    My favorite ideas have to do with Christ rising again. It’s a custom in Bermuda to fly kites on Good Friday. A teacher had trouble explaining Jesus’ ascension into heaven and used the kite as a visual. But you could also do this on Easter and talk about His final resurrection.

    If you’re really on it, purchase caterpillers about 2 weeks before Easter, and release the butterflies on Easter. Plus they demonstrate the tomb with their cocoon, etc…

    OR, my speed is more a sunrise service, or just watch the sun rise on your own front lawn and talk about how Christ Arose. I’m hoping to take Nicole to the sunrise service on Madonna Mountain this year! Anyone can try it with me!

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    I forgot about another cool one. Dye some Easter eggs red. Supposedly Mary Magdalene went to Pilate on Easter morning to tell him that Christ rose. Pilate said he would only believe that if the eggs turned red. And at that moment they did and Pilate believed.

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