and we’re off!

so we’re really trying to get out of here to head up to monterey for sean’s race this weekend. after a rediculous amount of careless packing, we should be set for the week. thing is, we’re only going for 2 days! so i checked the weather and it should be an uncomfortable high of 56 degrees, and very good chances of rain saturday – yay!!! actually, i shouldn’t complain. bad weather or not, i’ll take any time away with my family i can get. we are really looking forward to this trip, and i just hope sean doesn’t get hurt on his bike! enjoy this beautiful day and the rest of your weekend!


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    Shannon Rojas says:

    Woooo I hope Sean wins (that would mean just finishing for him)!! Thank you for being such great hosts this week! We had such a great time but probably needed one more day with you guys :} Hope your enjoying your weekend away with the family before your big trip! ~ Love ya ~

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