great day just got better! (part 1)

great day just got better! (part 2)

ok, so i know i should be talking about my trip to london, but i’m waiting to post on it until my mom sends me her pictures to add to my album.
soooo…. we had a very fun day today. the girls and i met our friends katie, annika, and kaycie at cal poly to visit the horses this morning (one of our favorite things to do in slo). there were so many baby horses with their mommies and all were very friendly. so we loved on the horses for awhile then headed downtown. we made the mandatory visit to the fountain by the mission to play in the water and climb on the bear sculpture. then we braved lunch at california pizza kitchen (which i often call california pizza chicken, accidentally). the 4 girls all did great, and katie and i were able to enjoy our thai crunch salad – yummmm! then to reward the girls (ok, ourselves), we went to bali’s for frozen yogurt. i always get the same thing – vanilla with crushed oreos and peanut butter cups.
quick funny story: my great friend nicole used to be a high school english teacher. one day she was mentioning reese’s peanut butter cups to her students and accidentally said reese’s penis butter cups – whoops! high schoolers don’t let you live that one down too quickly!
anyway, we went back home for naps and i had a box on my front porch from that same friend nicole. this is where my day got even better. she was sending some baby boy hand-me-downs, maternity clothes, and some gifts. if nicole isn’t perfectually punctual with gifts, then she’s always early. just the way she does it. so my early birthday gift was in there, and i can never wait for a surprise, so i opened it (it was actually partially opened, not totally my fault!). she and i have very similar tastes, so i always get something great from her. so i’ve included pics of what she sent me and the note included so it all makes sense.
another great thing about nicole (other than our daily phone calls – she lives in oregon – and her wonderful friendship), is how she has been helpful to sean. she has become his personal shopper of sorts. when he wants to get a gift for me, he calls her and she helps him out with ideas or shops for him. she basically gets me things she’d want for herself, or takes note of things i’ve mentioned i need. so great!
so i hope you all have found joy in your day today, whether it was in time with your kids or friends, or in a box on your porch. i’d love to hear what things you all found to be joyful today.