what’s happening here:

here’s where some of my energy has been focused – gracie’s quilt. i’ve got all the squares cut and layed out. i like most all of it, except the bright pink squares. they stick out to me: not only are they the brightest, but the only solid pieces. so i’m in a holding pattern until i decide what to do with them.

next came a little revamping of the girls’/guest bath. (funny sidenote: i call this the girls’ bathroom, but they’ve only taken maybe 3 baths in here! they’re always with me!) we have company coming in and out for the next 2 weeks. this bathroom has always seemed a bit thrown together and i haven’t been loving the former pink/green combo. it wasn’t bad, but now knowing eventually a little brother will be sharing this space, i thought toning down the pink was in order. so at world market today i saw this great teal (ish) color set. i’m still living with it and have to get sean’s opinion on it, but i think its a keeper. and it got me to clean the bathroom!

another motivator to have a clean bathroom was because i’m having a little surprise birthday party for my sweet friend katie ernstrom here on thursday night. we’re just doing appetizers, very simple. i tried the evite thing for the first time, and it bombed. more than half of the people i invited didn’t even receive it! so to any of you that know katie and would like to celebrate her with me, come with an appetizer to my house thursday at 6! and sorry about the late notice!!!
have a great day!


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    Kristen Borland says:

    i totally love your house. the bathroom looks really cute!

    i haven’t rsvp-ed on evite yet, but we are just too busy this week. i’m sure you guys will have such a nice time. katie is such a sweetheart!

    i love how gracie’s quilt is looking. the brighter pink does stick out, but it isn’t bad. are you thinking of finding another print?

    that’s such a cute picture of the girls. if i had girls, we’d probably do the whole shower thing together too. but i don’t do that with my boys (especially since they don’t nurse). it’s kind of weird to me, but a lot of other people are fine with it.

  2. 2

    don’t worry about thursday – its so last minute! i looked today for a pink print fabric, but didn’t love anything. still contemplating…

  3. 3

    matty usually showers with me and david scoots around and plays. one time i left them alone together and when i came out, matty was holding david by the head. so i figure its safer this way. love how the quilt is coming together!

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    Jeannett Gibson says:

    I think the reason your evite bombed is because your “name” is me. So, the subject line when you sent it, was “me sent you an invitation”. I actuallly almost automatically deleted it myself, thinking it was spam. So, maybe people did that or their spam filters threw it out. I would suggest changing it to Lindsey Cheney. Also, send it out two weeks in advance! :) I’ve always had really good luck with evite, so try it again another time!

  5. 5
    lindsey says:

    thanks jeannett – i’m sure i’m too late for now, but thanks for the tips. and about sending it out 2 weeks in advance: that would only work if i thought about it 2 weeks in advance!

  6. 6

    I am only commenting here because nowadays there are at least 50 comments on each post. This has comments from 3 other people, and most likely, a lot of people won’t be strange enough to comment 3 years later. But I like being person #4. The end. :)

  7. 7

    I Lindsay-

    I love the “girls” bathroom and I was wondering if you would happen to remember the name of the color paint. I absolutely love it and think it would be great for my daughters bathroom too.


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