who could resist this face?!?

this is lily. she is quite a spunky kiddo. she is a delight and also a challenge (aren’t they all?). we have had a difficult couple of days with her. i don’t think i can blame it on teething anymore because she just cut her last tooth last week, other than her 2nd set of molars, which better not be coming yet! i’ll miss having the excuse of teething to explain and rationalize to myself why she is acting the way she is! she is 18 months old today, and very different from gracie. “they” say not to compare your children to each other or other children, but who’s kidding who? we all do it. gracie was speaking in full sentences at this age (1st sentence: “i want oatmeal”), and lily has found screaming to be her most effective mode of communication. don’t get me wrong. she does talk a bit, and she does nod and shake her head, and says “uh-huh” or “uh-uh”. but when she’s frustrated or angry or wants whatever gracie has, she screams an ear piercing scream! its very draining.
but then i look at these pictures after i have just STRUGGLED to get her down for a nap, and i fall back in love with her! she is such a goof. you tell her to do ballet and she leans her head back as far as she can – i don’t know why? but its funny! she tries to do whatever gracie does, and is so proud of herself. she absolutely loves to listen to music and dance (bob marly’s songs of freedom was the cd of the day today). she just started walking backwards yesterday, and thinks she’s just the coolest. gracie was wondering what the big deal was because its easy for a 3 1/2 year old to do! so as much work as it is, and the exhaustion we endure, i still am so thankful that this is the job i have, that no one else is raising my kids, that i get to train them in righteousness (Lord help me with this one), and that i get to deal with the good and the bad. besides without the bad, you never get to appreciate how wonderful the good really is!
isn’t it crazy how quickly you can forget about the trials kids put you through as soon as they tell you spontaneously “i love you mama”? or the rush i still get when all 5 little fingers wrap around my pinky as we walk together? or how it feels to have a sleeping baby, or toddler, or child laying so fittingly in your arms? we as moms are truly, truly blessed to be put in the unique position to experience all of this, yet the sinner that i am, i still can find much to complain about each day. let these pictures be a reminder to myself of the gifts that i am given!


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    I agree, she’s DEFINITELY irresistable!!

  2. 2
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    What great pictures! Little Lily is such a joy! Just think, she could be ugly and a screamer! :)

  3. 3
    Brianna Heldt says:

    SOOO cute! (Great music choice, we love Bob Marley over here!!!)

    And so true. There are definitely challenges (and definitely with more kids than others!), but what a blessing children are.

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    Carrie Borsgard says:

    I love that face!! I love your little girl! and yes, I remember that scream/cry… luckily we have gotten her out of that stage in the nursery :0)

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