big girl bed update

i’m eating a bowl of peanut butter cup ice cream as a victory celebration for getting lily down for nap. ok, thats really just my excuse to eat a treat, but there’s a sort of victory nonetheless.

last night went well, considering we did no prep on lily at all. at bedtime i told sean, “lets take down the crib”, and we went from there. so the whole “big girl bed” thing didn’t really woo lily like one would hope, without any previous talk about it. she does love to pretend to sleep in gracie’s bed, so i think that helped a bit.

we went about our semi-normal routine: jammies, books, music and noise machine, lights out, a little rocking in the chair or arms, and a back rub. yes, we have a lot in our routine. so usually, with the crib, we (usually sean) lay lily down while she’s still awake and rub her back for a couple minutes and keep saying “lay down, lay down”. after leaving the room, if she starts crying, we’ll usually wait a couple minutes then go in and tell her to lay down again. sooooo, last night we went through the normal routine then told lily to lay down. “uh-uh”. “lay down lily”. “uh-uh”. eventually sean lay down next to her on the floor and rubbed her back and she fell asleep! yay!! she woke up crying at about 4 am. when i went in she was standing in the middle of the floor. i said, “lets lay down in your big girl bed”, and she did! i was shocked! she fell asleep until about 6, her normal time, and just called, “mama, dada” when she normally wakes up crying. so that was great, i was pretty happy with the small steps we made last night.

naptime today: i was prepped for a battle. i’ve long put off having lily put herself to sleep at naptime for 2 reasons. 1, because i’m lazy, and teaching your kids to sleep on their own is a lot of work. and 2, because once i found out i was prego again lily seemed so much more like a baby to me. i want to treasure this time i have with her as a baby, and not let that be taken from either of us. so up until yesterday, i rocked her to sleep every naptime. i actually really enjoy that time. its restful for me, and great cuddle time with her. so today i tried the normal routine, but switched the last book to be read in bed. she was fine with that until the book was done and she tried to get up for another. i told her she’d get a spanking if she got out of bed, so she sat down, but refuse to lie down. so i said she had to lay her head on the pillow. she did and asked for a backrub (by rubbing her tummy). after rubbing her back for maybe 3 minutes she was out! woohoo! this was way faster than even rocking her to sleep has been!

i hope for consistency through the weekend. sean will be home saturday, sunday and monday (yipee!), so i’ll have reinforcements if the native gets restless, so to speak!

i’ve loved getting all the feedback from you guys about sleeping routines. the more the better – its always helpful to hear what has worked for other people.

p.s. she already woke up, before i even finished posting this! i was a bit distracted through this post, so she probably slept about an hour. good enough!



  1. 1
    Shannon says:

    ohhh – an hour is good – long enough for you to eat an ice cream cone!!! yeah!!!!!

  2. 2
    kristen borland says:

    yippee! good job, lily, and mommy and daddy!

  3. 3

    May 30th! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birrrrrthday ttoo-oo-oo youuuu! Haaappy birrrthday dearrr Lindseyyy, Happppy Birthday toooo you!! That is me singing via blog’n :-)
    Yeehaw! Be blessed today! Always my prayer for you, that, you will live in God’s “love better than life!” (Psalm 63:3-4)

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