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after we dropped gracie off at preschool, lily and i made a trip to home depot to pick up some flowers for the backyard (see below). when we got home lily played most of the time contentedly in the new water table (great buy from target. its supposed to be a sand & water table, but after taking some good advice, it is only a water table.).

so pretty much a random selection of flowers, mostly whatever looked pretty. i did make sure to get a couple more hydrangeas (my absolute favorite flower) to add to my front porch pots where the ranunculus’ (ranunculi?) just died.

this was my little plot of land i started out with. its in the backyard against the back wall. eventually we plan to plant fruit trees here, but reality is that won’t be happening anytime soon. unfortunately, as soon as i began digging i remembered how terrible the soil is in the backyard – mostly hard clay. aaargh! after attempting to amend the clay with some other soil, i gave up since the clay wasn’t budging much. so my next option was to dig each hole for each individual flower twice as big as normal to add some good soil around each new flower. hopefully this’ll work, otherwise i just wasted a lot of time and money!

two blisters and about 3 hours later, this is where i quit for the day. it was about 80 degrees out, and i have a hard time completing projects, so i decided to hold off for a day or 2 to finish the last batch of flowers. i also added some ground cover (star creeper) to a patch of hydrangeas i have growing, and also potted the new hydrangeas on the porch – so pretty!

also at target i got the girls each a squirt bottle. i filled it with water and let them play for a bit with them.

lily couldn’t figure out how to spray any direction other than directly into her own face. she was a good sport about it as it just made her laugh.

after lily’s nap we went to avila valley barn with some friends to feed the animals and buy some fresh produce. the berries are all super yummy there right now, and they encourage sampling!

check out the peacock! it was so beautiful, and the girls were all really excited to see the feathers like this. there were also 2 eggs in a nest with the peacocks, so maybe some babies are coming soon?

at the end of the day, we decided it was time for lily to sleep in a “big girl bed” (really just her crib mattress on the floor). we’ve been debating whether now was the time to do this, or after the baby comes. obviously, we decided now. the thought of training her to stay in her own bed and go to sleep well after the baby was born was terrifying to me. she did ok tonight. not terrible, but not great. sean lay down next to her and rubbed her back until she fell asleep. this picture is of her pretending to sleep, which she does all the time. we’ll see how the rest of the night goes, and how she wakes up in the morning. will she be calling for us like usual, or will i wake up at 6 staring at her big blue eyes right next to mine if she just walks right into our room? any suggestions on how to keep such a little one in bed? how do you guys get your kiddos to sleep? what;s your typical routine?


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    Have just come across your blog via Lisa. You have a beautiful family and I adore your girl’s names. I have 4 children but girl’s names are always the most fun to choose! I have a Ruby and a Sylvie. Also Tom and Sonny.

    Sylvie is nearly 3 and has been in a big bed for about a year now. Only recently she has begun to play up at bedtime, coming out of her room. We use a version of the ‘pick up and put down’ method. I just quietly go up to her, pick her up and put her back in bed and kiss her goodnight. Not much eye contact and no talking. You may end up doing this many times but in the end they usually give in.

    I hope that is of some use to you. You can always adapt it to suit you.

    Can’t wait to hear your boy’s name.

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    Jeannett Gibson says:

    What on earth are you doing digging holes seven months pregnant???!!!

    Hope your thumb is a little more green than mine is…such cute photos!

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    Kristen Borland says:

    zeb switched to a big boy bed (twin mattress and box spring on the floor) when he was about twenty months old or so. zeb really thrives on routines. so every night (we do this for nap time too because he needs a rountine) we pu on pjs, brush teeth, then read stories in bed (toddler Bible at night time). then we sing the same two songs every night (the newer version of Jesus Loves Me and the ABCs). Then we pray and give hugs and kisses goodnight all around. Zeb has a night light, so we make sure this is on. Nehemiah doesn’t like it, so i sewed a blanket over one side of his crib so he can’t see it! for nehemiah, we also wind up his little giraffe that plays music.

    then we tell zeb he has to stay in bed. we often remind him if he gets out of bed he’ll get a spanking (we spank in our household). we’ve had very few problems with that. he sleep walks some, but that’s a different story! he took to the whole big boy bed very well. when we decided to try it, we talked it up all day, about how exciting it was, and put fun sheets on the bed.

    once we were sure he would stay in bed when we told him to, we made a new rule that it was okay for him to get up and play in his room in the morning before we came and got him. one salvation has been that the nursery door sticks a bit, and he can’t usually open it all the way!

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    Shannon says:

    Oh my gosh – crazy prego lady! That is quite the day – did you drop at the end? How fun though.

    We used the “tie your kid to the bed method” They only have some small emotional detachment scaring.

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    Brianna Heldt says:

    Because you can’t “force” a kid to actually SLEEP, our rule is that bedtime is between 7:30-8 pm, and the lights have to be out (Anna does use a nightlight), and we tuck the kids in. But if Anna wants to stay up looking at her books in her room, that’s fine. We have those childproof doorknob thingys on the insides of the doors b/c Anna used to slip out of her room and help herself to food, which I didn’t feel was safe! The kids totally don’t care and tell us when they want to get up, or want some water, etc. Anna has a pottychair in her room if she needs it in the night.

    This way we avoid bedtime battles, Kevin and I still get our time together, and our kid doesn’t have to lay awake frustrated that they can’t fall asleep, they can “read”, etc. (We sort of adapted this idea from the Love and Logic school of thought.)

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    Lisa Leonard says:

    the flowers look great! for us, the big kid bed was a battle for a while and then it just went away.

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