my trip to london

i finally got the pictures from my mom to add to my album to share with you all, but then my outdated computer stopped reading discs and i couldn’t access any of her pictures! oh, the woes of computers! anyhow, on mother’s day we made a purchase of a new home computer for me – yay!!! i’m still figuring this one out – i’m a bit of a computer idiot.

after all of this waiting and anticipation i’ve put you all through (haha!), you can view the album here

i didn’t take as many pictures as i had expected to. i realized later that it was because my kids weren’t in them! i missed them a bunch when i was there, although not as much as i felt i should have. i mostly missed them when i was doing something or saw something i knew they would enjoy – like the peter pan park inside kensington park where j.m. barrie got some of his inspiration for his writings. there was a huge pirate ship and forts, all covered with kids. a cool thing about some of the parks in london is that you can’t go in unless you have a child with you. great concept.

so what did we do? we went to a lot of parks and gardens and museums. it was very relaxing even though we did a lot of walking. we had no set agendas. we had already hit most of the main tourist attractions in september, so each day we chose something fairly mellow. it was great to be responsibility-free, but also very surreal. i’m sure i mentioned this to my sister and mom over and over (sorry!).

some of the highlights:
-sleeping in
-ice cream in the park
-the weather
-going to see “chicago” the musical – amazing!
-the princess diana exhibit at kensington palace
-an incredible dinner that jennifer (my sister) and charles (her boyfriend) treated us to. i don’t even know how many courses it had, but i do remember 2 desserts!
-time with my mom and sister that i won’t get again for a long time

so there’s the short version of the trip. i know there’s a lot i left out! enjoy the album!


  1. 1
    Kristen Borland says:

    amazing pics!! i’ve always wanted to go to london! looks like you had a blast. i love special sister/mommy time!

  2. 2

    loved the pix!
    Josie said, “i really want to go see aunt jennifuh, but it is a hundred thousand dollahs.”
    Btw- were you trying to be funny when you commented on your mom seeing the dinosaur when she was little (hehehe).

  3. 3
    lindsey says:

    denise- no, i wasn’t joking. she remembered seeing it there at the museum when she lived there. ooooohhhh, i get it! did you mean like she saw the dinosaur when it was alive? that is so mean!

  4. 4

    Great trip! So fun to see the pixs.

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    hey linds. i missed so many of your blogs while i was away. it’s so nice to see daily postings of what’s going on in your life. btw, the picture of the three of us at hampsted heath, you captioned it “three generations”… it’s two you goof! unless you mean we were all born in a different decade. – j

  6. 6

    Super fun pictures! It is so beautiful. You captured some great moments. I love the shocked look on your face at the airport. That was priceless. =)

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