birthday kiss!

4 years old today!

next book to read together

we have a tradition on birthdays of starting the day off celebrating in mommy and daddy’s bed. so don’t mind the half-naked, half-asleep man in the background! gracie came in bed with us in the morning and started cracking us up right off the bat. her lines were so funny i had to write them all down. last night sean and i went on a date and the babysitter told us that gracie said she’d never be able to wear her jammies again because she would be 4 the next day, and they’d be too small. so when she came in our room this morning she said, “mom, i’m trying to turn 4, but i can’t!”! when i told her she was 4, she was so stoked!
one of her gifts she opened was a skirt that was a bit too big on her little waist. she said it didn’t fit, but i said it was a size 4 and she was just a little four, and she’d get bigger. to that she said, “i was trying to sleep in my bed to get 4-er”, as if sleeping actually made her bigger, and she just couldn’t quite do it right.
we also gave her a new (soon to be returned/ too skimpy) bathing suit. she said, “babing suits?! wow! new 4 y’old babing suits!”
she also got the book charlotte’s web. we’re reading the original alice in wonderland right now and she’s totally enjoying it, even without pictures! she’s very excited to finish and start her new book.
for breakfast she chose cinnamon french toast, and got to read the comics – her favorite sunday morning activity.
unfortunately, daddy had to work late today at the home show, so maybe we’ll celebrate with a cake tomorrow.
oh, and happy 7th anniversary babe!

happy happy birthday baby!

tomorrow is gracie’s 4th birthday! i can hardly believe it. sometimes the time goes so slowly, and others it goes in a blink. she is so excited about getting older, she actually thinks she’ll be physically, noticeably bigger tomorrow when she wakes up – pretty funny.
yes, its a ton of pictures, but i really narrowed them down! she just so stinkin’ cute!
i’d love to write more about her, but all those pictures took forever to load and i’m exhausted. maybe more tomorrow?