baby girl shower

i was trying to go simple with this shower. i bought the invites at target with great colors: periwinkle and tangerine with a watermelon envelope. i was able to print them from my computer. the flowers were easy, too. i bought the orangish- yellowish roses and the green mums from costco and the pink and purple hydrangeas are from my yard. they are just in simple mason jars (pasta sauce jars reused). i threw a big brown sheet over my tables as a tablecloth. i cut circles out of matching papers at the last minute (thanks for the idea, nicole!), and threw them on the table.
here’s a picture of kris (on right), molly (middle), and me. we’re all due within a couple weeks of each other.

i had everyone bring an appetizer with them and i made a few myself. a friend brought pink lemonade, and that was it! easy peasy!

we mostly just ate and hung out. after kris opened her gifts some of us stayed longer to do a craft – making clips for little girls. i was surprised how many people gave it a shot, and everyone seemed to have fun with it. we just covered little metal hair clips with ribbons and bows and buttons.
here’s a shot of erika’s creations. and she thinks she’s not crafty! these were so cute and her daughter (and probably her son, too!) is going to love them.

so all in all, a smooth, fairly easy night. not much clean up left, which is always nice. the hardest part is always getting the house clean before hand. the actual party prep is fun, but making the dirty house a clean(ish) house is not!

sean leaves tomorrow evening for a fishing trip to oregon with his dad and some friends. i’m so excited for him to go. he has such great memories of doing these trips with his dad as a kid, and wants to take advantage of this time with his dad while they still can. this trip was the bargaining tool used for my trip to london!

i’m sure i’ll be posting again soon as my evenings may get a bit lonely for the next few nights:(



  1. 1
    Jacquelyn says:

    i’ll be stealing Erika’s hairclip designs …

  2. 2

    what a fun night…thanks so much for putting it on, linds.

  3. 3

    I’ve been stalking your website for a few weeks now, found it through Lisa’s who I found through Rebecca Sower…anyhow! I love all your party pictures, I’m stealing the mermaid and pirate idea for my children’s party in August! Your home is gorgeous! God bless!

  4. 4
    Lisa Leonard says:

    looks lika fun! so bummed i missed it…

  5. 5

    You and your prego friends are soooo cute! It’s so fun to have baby’s with buddy’s! Mandy loves hearing stories how her and Emily Druckrey were playing together while they were in me and Christy’s bellies :}

    Andrew is so excited to go on this trip too! What a special time, I hope Sean brought his camera! He has never had this kind of experience, except for Montana!

    Cute shower by the way :}

  6. 6
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    How fun! So bummed I couldn’t make it…can’t wait to meet all these little babies!

  7. 7
    lindsey cheney says:

    dina –
    if your interested, i still have all the fish and seahorses and octopus and jellyfish. i could send them to you. i just can’t bring myself to throw them away!

  8. 8

    Oh, I’m crafty alright.. that chair that is empty next to me in the picture is where Lindsey sat… and I got all of my ideas :) The shower was very fun. Thank You Lindsey for using your gifts to honor Kris!

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