fun questions

because i so enjoyed reading everyone’s “7meme’s”, i thought i’d post a bunch of questions that you can all respond to, similar to the way we did the meme’s.

1. favorite candy (i thought of this because its naptime and i’m snacking on some candy!)
100 grand, then snickers
2. favorite ice cream
cookies and cream
3. favorite book
not much of a reader, but i remember i loved “the count of monte cristo” as a kid. my favorite book i love reading to my girls is the princess and the pea (new version). it’s done so beautifully.
4. favorite magazine
probably cottage home
5. favorite memory from childhood
having my entire family together for christmas at my parents’ house, when it snows.
6. quality you most admire in your spouse and/ or best friend
sean – he’s very “real”, not at all superficial, and nicole – she’s a great listener, and gives good advice, even when you don’t want to hear it
7. favorite way to spend your day
with my family, doing a house project
8. how may meals you eat out each week
9. how many kids you’d like to have
10. how many traffic tickets you’ve had
11. best date ever
?? must include sushi???
12. favorite local eatery
fancy: 1865, budget: mondeo’s
13. suggestions for a free, fun, family day
pack a picnic lunch, sunscreen and towels. head to bob jones bike trail in avila and ride to the beach.
14. one place you’d like to visit
15. favorite drink
dr.pepper, from a soda fountain, with crushed ice hands down!

so if you want to play along, just copy and paste this to your blog (if you don’t have a blog, answer in the comment section of mine). or think up your own fun questions!



  1. 1
    Brianna Heldt says:

    now lindsey, are you snacking on your girls’ candy from the tea party???? :) hee, hee!

    i’m going to play along right now!

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    1. skor/heath bar
    2. cookie dough
    3. anything by james patterson
    4. cottage home
    5. buying lavendar sachets on atlantic city boardwalk
    6. his daily reading of the bible
    7. cruising in boat with my husband
    8. 3/4
    9. 4
    10, 3
    11. August 26, 1967 wedding date
    12. 1865
    13. avila beach, picnic w/kids and the grands
    14. greece
    15. black cow (root beer over vanilla ice cream)


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