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so this is the place where i hope to put everything i have for sale. lots of stuff here right now! shipping is $2.50 for the first item, $1.00 for each additional item. all orders are processed through paypal. please email me at if you’re interested!

chubby pushpins $7.00

reversible headbands $12 each, or 2 for $21

clips and bobby pins $4 each, 2 sets for $7

set of 6 notecards with envelopes $6

lavander rice eye pillows $6 each

lined zippered pouches $12 each, 2 for $21


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    I’m so happy to see these items for sale!

    I found your blog several months ago when I googled “imperfect quilts.” Your tutorial popped up. :) I’ve been following along ever since, and started my own blog! Thanks for sharing!

    Emily in NW Washington State

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    Hi, found your blog through a friend and have really enjoyed your style and lovely things. You are very artistic. Probably have a million ideas, but have you condsidered refrigerator magnets? Something with all the cute fabrics you use. :)

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    queenoftheclick says:

    Ok I want to take a shot at this. You have so many cute items!! So here are my trys:

    Button Bazaar

    Button & Band Bazaar

    Button & Band Boutique

    Lins Pins (or Linz Pinz)

    Zany Cheney’s

  4. 4
    Soderin Family says:

    hi lindsey,

    hope you guys are all doing well. i am in tahoe with my mom, and she has been stealing my headband and hinting that she wants one too. that said, i was wondering if the last one(choc brown modern looking flowers) is still available and if so, i’d like to order it. shoot me an email (or try at least :)) to my work email…

    thanks so much lindsey!!!

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