good things

today i got this book in the mail from amazon. i had pre-ordered it a couple months ago, and was so excited to get it! awhile back i had stumbled upon the author’s blog and loved it, then came to find out i had already ordered her book – funny! check out her blog, its pretty fun.
another good thing today was napping with my girls. i stayed up way too late last night and was exhausted today. so i decided to lay down with lily at naptime, then gracie wanted to snuggle, too. i was sleeping in the little empty spot between them. sleeping kiddos are always a good thing!

another good thing is the 100’s of unnecessary projects i’m starting. today i dug thru all my fabric scraps to find fun ones to applique onto baby onesies. i made another pillow, and maybe more tonight?



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    Okay… as a sew-er (you) to a non-sew-er (me) where should I start? I found your blog through the Heldts, and I am loving all you’re doing with fabric. I have a machine and can sew a straight line, but that’s it! I’m not afraid to be creative, so do you suggest I just experiment or actually take a class? How did you learn? Thanks for letting me peek into your life.

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    lindsey cheney says:

    cathy – i took a few lessons when i was really young, like 10, and learned mostly by watching my mom and experimenting on her machine (and breaking her machine, a bunch, too!) i would really recommend the book i mentioned in this post because it lets even a brand new sew-er jump right into a project. i think thats probably the best way to go at it. but if you have no idea how to use your machine, like threading it and everything, then you may want to take a class just to familiarize yourself with it. start with inexpensive fabric and try really simple projects. pillow cases are always good because they are almost all straight lines. hope that helps!

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    Kristen Borland says:

    what a great idea!

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    Anonymous says:

    Hi Lindsey,
    I substituted in Gracie’s class first hour for the Dostals today. I haven’t had the priviledge of spending time with Gracie before, so I wanted to say that she is such a sweet girl and so delightful. Her laugh is so great! What a blessing she must be to you and Sean. I hope Lily is feeling better and I’m sorry I couldn’t say, “Good bye” to Gracie because I was in the middle of the lesson. I hope I get to spend some more time with her.
    In Christ,
    Vikki Murray

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    hey linsdey…could i take a look at your book before purchasing one of my own? it looks great. – kate

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    lindsey cheney says:

    absolutely kate!

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