today’s project

my sister-in-law gave me this table for our playroom awhile back. its great – round with a pine top and black legs, very sturdy. but it was a little boring on top. i’ve been wanting to try decoupaging the top for a bit, so i’ve been saving scraps of wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, invitation papers, and leftovers from other projects.

i/we (the girls kind of helped, too) started by laying out the biggest pieces of paper we had to try to cover the majority of the table.

then i tried to patch some of the holes left with these different sized dots i used at a shower.

next i layered on these flowers which were actually leftover from gracie’s first birthday invites! yes, i tend to save a bit too much, but this time it was useful!

last came alphabet cardstock i got on clearance, and abc stickers. also layered on are misc stars and dots i punched and cut out of more paper scraps.

believe it or not, i’m not done, just out of energy for now. i don’t really like how much i can see the shapes of the original large papers i layed down, so i want to layer more on. also, around the side edges i plan to just line it with maybe brown paper, then on the top edge i have scalloped some light blue paper that i’ll see if i can get it to lay right going around the circle.

the countdown is on for the babe, so i’m trying to get out all of my craftiness i have inside before i’ve got a boy attached to me and things slow down a bit.


bjorn cover

first off, let me say how much i appreciate all of your comments form my last post. they were very comforting and sweet. also, sorry about all the complaining! sean came home early last night (5:30) and spent a bunch of time with the girls, we had a good dinner together (thank you sue!), some family worship time, and a good long talk. we’re back on track for induction on thursday!

so here’s my latest project i tried out: a baby bjorn cover! i’ve seen these online before and thought they couldn’t be too hard. and we got a new bjorn (i’ve always borrowed them in the past) and i decided to go for a funky green color instead of the standard black. well, the olive green is pretty sweet, but the inside and trim is this hideous bright, nearly florescent green. so i decided this would be the perfect opportunity to make a cover.

after a few adjustments, i got it to fit just right. i started out making it way too fitted.

here’s the back/inside. i wanted to make it reversible, but the slit for the opening i made too big, without any overlap (oops), and now it won’t look very good reversed. that’s ok because i prefer it the way it is, and i have 2 more fabrics to try out another cover!