thanks for the help

i so love that you want to be like your big sister, especially in the helpful ways. when your sister asked to be excused from the table tonight and she put her dish in the sink, she had already finished her dinner. i appreciate that you wanted to clear your plate, too, but next time please be sure all your food is in your tummy first.
love, mommy

i love that after she had dumped all of her food on her head and all over the floor, she realized that there was rice in her hair that was perfectly fine for snacking on!

subject change: thanks for all the comments and emails from my post yesterday. i appreciate all the support and encouragement. i know that this is a phase and it will pass, but it still is hard to be in it, even knowing that. i’m having a huge internal battle between just knowing my kids and loving on them the ways they need it right now, or to just go back to discipline. i’ll post more on this later, its a big one, too much for my mind to deal with this late! good night.


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    Kristen Borland says:

    oh, lily! that’s so adorable!!

  2. 2

    Read my blog, I wrote it mostly for you. This post made me think of how you are “Entering his gates with thanksgiving in your heart.”
    May God breath new life into you today- for today, and then again tomorrow, and…
    May he be your tangible God, show himself to you, sustain you, pour his love and his Godness into you.

  3. 3

    i love that you paused to take pictures of the mess and of lily eating rice from her hair. these are priceless moments. hope today was a better day and i love denise’s prayer for you. love you–thanks for yesterday, it was fun.

  4. 4
    Brianna Heldt says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! you gotta hate food messes on the floor…how old are kids when they aren’t so messy at mealtimes???

  5. 5
    Carrie Haughey says:

    I love Lily’s face in the first picture, she is so bashful, like, “I was trying so hard to help mommy!” too precious!

  6. 6

    hey,i’m answering brianna’s question
    with 34! i’m 33, and guessing that maybe by next year i will out grow making messes on the floor :-)

  7. 7
    Sarah Markley says:

    I have so been there…with everything all over the floor: a distracted 5 year old with plate of uneaten syrupy-waffles…sliding, oh so slowly, but surely to the floor. I love that you wrote her a sweet “letter”.

  8. 8

    I’m responding to you from my blog with a- what about me,huh? don’t you even notice me?? don’t i look beautiful!?

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