vacation time!

ha! what do you think of my new blog title picture? it’s a bit large, yes, but i don’t know how to fix it yet. we took this picture in a photo booth at the fair this year the day before the babe was born. its our last pic as a family of four, although technically silas was there, too, just in the belly! someday i’ll get a decent picture of our complete family, maybe this week on VACATION!!!!
that’s right, we’re going on vacation. yes, sean too! i know, i can’t believe it either! i’m so stinkin’ excited! we’re going up to my parents’ house on bass lake. its the house that i grew up in, so i always feel completely relaxed there. its a great place. my parents have always rented the house out in the summer (to help pay for camp, college, weddings…) while we vacationed or house sat, so being in the house in the summer is a treat for me. although summer, i guess, is over now that school has started. but with the expected 95 degree weather, it will feel like summer! thank goodness the house is on the lake and the water is usually warm! but….. that means i have to put on a bathing suit to go in the water, and remember? i just had a baby FOUR weeks ago! this will not be pretty, no sir. and on top of that, we’ll have friends with us for a few days, so they’ll get a good laugh at me in a bikini! as much as we love our friends, what i’m really looking forward to is time with just my family. its a very rare thing for sean to take off so much time for a vacation that doesn’t also involve a ride in an airplane (that’s in november – mexico – yay!).
so what’s on tap for this week? boating, skiing/wakeboarding, swimming, mountain biking for sean, hikes, walks, lounging, maybe a trip to yosemite (an hour away), swimming in the “hot pool” (hot tub) at night, eating, napping, snuggling, and nursing (which also means lots of sweating – holding a babe in 95 degree weather – lots of skin to skin = lots of sweat!). much to look forward to! enjoy your week, i know i will!



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    Sarah Markley says:

    Have fun! I’ve never been to Bass Lake, but I hear it’s so wonderful. Can’t wait to see the pictures you post when you get back!

  2. 2

    i’m counting down the hours until you’re all here. i’ve got color splash dvr’d for you. that’s the show with last year’s design star david. i’ve got several taped and lots of magazines. looking forward to veging with you and lovin on 5 sweet cheney’s. mom

  3. 3

    sounds like tons of fun. and your mom is too sweet–i believe she really is counting the hours. how wonderful! have a great vacation, you guys deserve the time off and time with family.

  4. 4

    i love the new picture!

  5. 5
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    I LOVE the picture! It is so great and every one of you looks good in it…which is so hard to do! Have fun on your vacation…nursing in the heat is no fun, but hey, I hear sweating makes you lose weight, so think of it as a workout without the gym! Woohoo!

  6. 6

    I’m so envious right now. have a wonderful time in basslake with your family! i can picture you and sean walking the upstairs hallway at 2 in the morning with silas. hee, hee; brings back fun memories of grace nad tyler screaming 15 hours a day! we miss you. can’t wait to hear all about it!

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