no, its not dead! we have an amazing fish that likes to float on its back… all the time! it can even swim upside down! i keep thinking its going to die, but we’ve had it for almost a year. at lily’s birthday party last year, we gave goldfish as the party favor. fun to give, but probably crummy to receive as a parent – sorry friends! so this fish continues to amaze us….
on to an accomplished project: lily’s 2nd birthday invites! i finished them today. now is where you can again see my stupidity, ridiculousness… whatever you want to call it. i feel like the invite sets the tone for the whole party. SHE’S 2!!! how silly is that?! but i do, anyway. so i’m not thrilled with how the invite turned out, but its done, and thats good enough for me (although i should have already had them done and in the mail – whoops!). so i couldn’t come up with a decent them for lily’s party, which i always agonize over – its ridiculous. but we like to have big parties with all our friends with kids, and just hang out. lily isn’t into one particular thing that i could focus on, so the “theme” is “party”. the invites are supposed to look like party hats (with all the info printed on the back), although i think they look a bit like a slice of pizza? i’ll make party hats for each of the million kids, and i’m sure maybe 1/4 of them will actually be worn. i’m slowly coming up with more ideas, which is always a fun process for me. i’m hoping this will be pretty easy. probably not!
i’m almost done with silas’ announcements, too, so i’ll post when those are done.


  1. 1
    Brianna Heldt says:

    how cute! i think they look great.

    our fish from lily’s party last year lived two days i think…oops! good thing i’m better at caring for children than for pets and plants.

  2. 2
    Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    I think they are super cute! Definitely more party hat than pizza- and I love the paper you chose. You always throw the best kids parties!

  3. 3
    Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    I think they are super cute! Definitely more party hat than pizza- and I love the paper you chose. You always throw the best kids parties!

  4. 4
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    Those are so cute, but I know how you feel about being extra critical of your own ‘work’. I have all kinds of drawings that I used to do in high school…some of which were even displayed at art shows, but I couldn’t have them up on my wall…I would always analyze them and all I could see was the mistakes!

  5. 5

    mmmmm…looks like yummy pizza! i’m totally joking–lindsey, those invitations are super cute! you have the greatest themes and know how to throw really fun parties. and even better than all of that i think, is that your parties always feel really relaxed and you look like you’re having a good time, too.

  6. 6

    The invitations look great – very fun! I like your goldfish idea as a party favor, I may copy your idea for Mauryn’s 1st bday!

  7. 7
    Kristen Borland says:

    oh, i love those invites! i totally knew they were party hats before you said it, so good job!! always so creative, lindsey!

  8. 8
    Sarah Markley says:

    I like pizza and two-year-olds do too! =). Actually, you are making me nervous that I need to do something cool for Naomi’s #2 in February! Argh! Just when Christmas is over, then come the birthdays!

  9. 9
    Jacquelyn says:

    That fish is totally hilarious! Zak was scared for life when in the midst of our graveside (toilet side) service our dear fish rallied as it swirled down the drain … maybe I should have given it a couple more days of doing the stationary backstroke.

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