my favorite things

these are a few of my favorite (tangible, material) things:

::my white couch::
everyone thinks i’m crazy for having a white couch with kids. actually, i think its the most practical of all colors because it’s slipcovered. whatever the stain, i can throw the cover into the washer with some bleach, and, voila! out comes a bright and clean couch cover! that and the fact that i tend to have a hard time committing to colors (although i am getting much better), and white will always go with everything, every season, decoration, pillow… everything. have i convinced you yet?
::my big family size shower::
this was something my parents had and i knew i had to have it when we were building our house. my girls have their own bathroom with a tub, but they’ve only bathed in it a handful of times. we always take showers together, partly for the convenience of it, mostly for the fun. it’ll be a sad day when any of the kids are too old for this!
::my moby wrap::
as much as i love the baby bjorn, this wrap is so much better at the newborn stage. everytime i have used it, silas stops fussing and almost always falls asleep. i can wear it for hours at a time. its taken me a bit to figure out how to wrap what seems like 10 yards of fabric around my body, but i’m getting better!
::rainbow sandals::
the factory where these sandals are made is in san clemente, where we used to live. i’ve had these for at least 9 years, and sean’s had multiple pairs over the years. by far the very most comfortable flip flops ever!
::my dutch door::
its brown on the outside and white on the inside. everyday the top half is swung open to let the breeze pass through our house, yet keep the kids in.

::snuggle nest::
we bought this when we had lily. we like to sleep with our kids when they’re teeny tiny, and this was such a perfect solution. it lays between sean and i and has hard sides, a little light, and a sleep positioner. this is great for the groggy nights when it seems too difficult to even get out of bed to lay the baby back down in the bassinet. and whenever the babe is fussy or lost the pacifier, i can just lay a hand on him, and go back to sleep.
::burt’s bees chapstick and mac lipliner::
sorry no pic. i love the slightly stinging feeling the minty chapstick gives my lips, and the lipliner has been the perfect color for me for the last 10 years (or maybe i’m still totally out of style). i’ve had the same stick of liner for at least 5 years, and i use it every day, so it lasts a really long time. my make up routine is pretty simple: chapstick and lipliner, and if you’re lucky, maybe a little mascara.

thank you again to my sister-in-law michelle for giving me a wonderful pedicure. these are like little $20 refreshing treats when you go to the salon. one of my absolute favorite indulgences! i almost always get a french manicure, or pedicure? if not that, then i go for hot pink.
::my sister’s cookies::
oh how i miss you j! and those cookies too! i always think of how you sent me to slo with a bag when i was prego with gracie. sean and i (ok, mostly just me) would eat those cookies for bfast, lunch, and dinner. with oatmeal, chocolate, white chocolate, and butterscotch chips, sooooo good! i am slowly learning to perfect how to make these, although i’ve learned that even if they’re not quite right, they’re still delicious! i’ve almost figured out how to explain that they’re healthy: milk chocolate (dairy), oatmeal, and more dairy with the glass of milk you must have with each cookie.

no pic again, but really, no single picture could contain the entire wonderfulness of the store. when i check out of there, they always ask if i found everything alright. “yes”, i say, “and so much more!” its amazing how you can find so much of what you never knew you needed!

this stuff just makes me smile! such a beautiful color, and so milky too! i’d love to have more of the vintage stuff, but i’ll take the reproduction stuff any day.
what are some of your favorite things?



  1. 1
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    What a great post! I might have to copy you!

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    Sarah Markley says:

    Ohhh, I can’t handle how much YOUR rainbow sandals look like MY rainbow sandals – all beat up and walked-thru-sand/water/etc… At a pool party recently, I almost walked away in someone elses b/c they all look so ratty once you’ve worn them awhile…but oh-so comfy.

  4. 4
    Rachel Shoemaker says:

    I love my rainbow sandals too! They are so great! I live only a mile and a half from the outlet! Oh by the way I am Rachel Shoemaker from Christ Community Church… I grew up with Courtney. My mom grew up in SLO and was married at Grace! My mom and I love your blog!

  5. 5

    my favorite things…hmmm…lindsey, sean, gracie, lily, silas, christopher, michelle, luke, nicholas, michael, denise, noah, emilie, josie, jennifer and charles. did i leave anyone out, oh yes, my beloved dennis. next is memories and photos. and then there’s the loft. yes, with it’s white couches and stacked suitcases, milk glass and lavendar & blue bottles. does it sound like someone else’s home that makes me always feel welcome and comfortable? i can’t wait to do it again in slo.

    Lord thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful family. mom

  6. 6
    Lisa Leonard says:

    i want a pedicure and cookies.

  7. 7
    Carrie Haughey says:

    I am working on getting a pair of Rainbows, I have only ever heard good things, but they are so darned expensive, I am having a hard time working it into the budget…

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