i just finished gracie’s new and improved tinkerbell costume. i’m pretty happy with it, although the fit still isn’t quite how i’d like it to be. i think the hair, shoes, and wings make up for what’s lacking in the dress. silas’ pirate costume is next….

lily’s 2nd birthday party

today we had lily’s 2nd birthday party here at the house. it was so much fun, both the planning and the party. it was also CRAZY!!! we head a head count of 77!! but it was so much fun, with minor injuries and only a couple accidents. all in all, thanks to a lot of very helpful friends, things ran pretty smoothly. thank you dear friends for all your help and for coming to celebrate our girl!

the birthday girl
(the hat lasted about as long as it took me to take the picture!)

baby silas

gracie o

caramel apples gracie and i made for each family

ice cream sandwiches

this was the set up for a game of “pin the party hat on lily” that we didn’t end up playing

here’s most of the kids, making funny faces… or just looking funny!

all in all, a great day. lily loved having friends over for a gigantic play date. and everyone helped pitch in for clean-up before they left, sean did the dishes, i cleaned the floor – things are looking pretty good! thanks again everyone!