look what we did today!



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    it looks so pretty! and you decorated your tree already? wow–you guys are fast. we bought our tree and it’s standing in the living room without lights or ornaments. who knows how long it will be that way. how was thanksgiving?

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    Yeah- looks like fun! I am a bit jealous – we haven’t made it that far yet. I am still trying to clean and organize after having company for Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to get my stuff up and the kids are anxious too. Good for you!

    Love the new pictures at the top. How did you do that? I love how you have Silas’ picture with the little frame around it!

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    so pretty.
    you went classic christmas this year.
    we usually decorate the sunday following t-day, but it’ll be next week for us.
    i also like the pix at the top .is gracie pickin her nose (bet sean taught her that :-))

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    Jeannett Gibson says:

    Perfect! Way to get in the holiday spirit…but I seem to have missed you at church this morning? Hmmm, not playing hooky are we??? :)

  5. 5
    lindsey cheney says:

    joy – we’re fast because its a fake tree – prelit! sean is allergic to real trees. i’ll give a thanksgiving update soon – it was great!

    kristen – the pictures in the frames, polaroid-style, were done using picasa. it allows you to make a collage. there’s a website that you can do it on too (can’t remember the name of it?)

    denise – actually, not classic – added hot pink and lime green – hard to see in the pic. how did the painting go this weekend?

    jeannett – aahhhh! you caught us! we didn’t get home until very late last night – there’s my excuse!

  6. 6

    You are amazing – I’m not even unpacked yet! I think it will be thanksgiving for a couple more days here!

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