i deserve this!

do you see what ime it is? 10:24! i just laid silas down, and that was after getting lily to sleep at 9:30! she took 2 very long hours to go to sleep – not fun at all. so here i sit, eating my well deserved banana split, monitor nearby, sewing projects underway.

tissue box cover tutorial

i’m still working on christmas presents here. 11 capes – done! now i’m working on these tissue box covers – gifts for the person who has everything. if you’re interested read on for a little tutorial on this easy project. i was inspired by a picture frame that kate gave me a couple years ago.

step 1 – gather supplies: fabric, scissors, fabric marker (or any marker will work, actually), mod podge. paint brush and small tub, paper mache tissue bow cover (bought at a craft store for less than $2).

step 2 – position box upside down on the wrong side of the fabric, so that when the box is tipped on its sides it sits in from the edge about an inch (make sense?).

step 3 – using marker, trace the outer edge of the box and aslo the inner oval.

step 4 – starting with the box centered on the area just traced, lean the box toward the edge, tracing about 1/4 inch outside of the box’s edge.

step 5 – after tracing roll box back to center, then again to another side until all four sides have been traced. cut out fabric along the outer lines you just made.

step 6 – snip the opening of the oval almost, not quite, to the edge of the line.

step 7 – pour some mod podge into the tub and brush it on thick to the top first.

step 8 – lay the fabric, centered, on the top. with your fingers, rub gently until the fabric attaches to the top. smooth out any lumps and bubbles.

step 9 – brush some mod podge around the inside of the oval then press the snipped fabric against it.

step 10 – starting on one side, apply another thick layer of mod podge.

step 11 – also put some glue (mod podge) down each side about 1/2 an inch and smooth the extra fabric over the edge.

step 12 – do the same on the inside of the box. then repeat steps 10-12 on the opposite side.

step 13 – apply glue thickly, then tuck the edge of the fabric under.

step 14 – pull tight and do the same to the other edge. then smooth out all bubbles.

step 15 – apply an axtra layer of glue to the edge and smooth out a couple times until the folded section is adhered securely. do this to the oppposite side.

step 16 – now that all sides are done, apply a thick layer of mod podge over the entire box.

step 17 – if you want to embellish the box a bit more, cut out a flower from some other fabric.

step 18 – apply the flower with mod podge, then apply another layer on top. let dry, and you’re done!