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the girls have been playing together a lot lately. its so fun to see them enjoy each other!

here they’re playing in the “boat” with their vests and bloomers (of course!) on.

a couple weeks back we had a little rain. they loved getting to break in their kitty rain boots.

gracie was complaining at lunch one day that it was too hard for her to eat the last of her mac & cheese, that she couldn’t pick it up with her fork. lily said, “i’ll help”, and fed gracie the last of her lunch! it was so sweet seeing them reverse roles.

gracie started ballet classes with her best friend. she absolutely loves it! i actually think she is really good, but of course i’m a bit biased. but really, she is!

they do a few minutes of tap at the end.

here’s an early christmas present i sent to my best friend up in oregon. she always hosts thanksgiving at her house, so i know these napkins will get used!

since i made the napkins smaller than my original intentions, i had to come up with a fold that made them look the right size.

and how could i resist posting these pictures? this guy has stolen my heart!

and because its thanksgiving soon, i thought i should list a few
of the things i’m thankful for (in no particular order):

-my salvation
-my husband’s job, so i can stay home with the kids
-my home, and the comfortable place it is for me
-my daily phone calls with nicole
-vacation to mexico
-my sewing machine!
-my church friends/family
-britax car seats
-noise machines
-moby wrap, and silas sleeping peacefully in it thru 2 services every sunday!
-disposable diapers (i couldn’t do it any other way!)
-dr. pepper
-holidays with family

ok, i could go on and on with those! we’re off tomorrow morning to go sit in l.a. traffic for the day on our way up to big bear (with sean’s family). enjoy your thanksgiving!



  1. 1
    Kristen Borland says:

    hee, hee… dr. pepper! i hear ya!

  2. 2

    Happy Thanksgiving! I love those pictures of Silas – so precious. He looks so old in them. Oh how they grow up too fast.

    I enjoyed the pictures of the girls together – so sweet. I am glad Gracie is getting to do ballet so fun for her. You know, Lance’s aunt Karen was a professional ballerina so it might be in the Cheney blood :o)

    Safe travels and enjoy time with the family!

  3. 3

    Gorgeous girls!!! Oh my gosh, they are definitely two supermodels in the making. Can i ask where you get lily’s hair cut? It’s such a great style on her and really brings out those big blue eyes. :)

    (slo, ca)

  4. 4

    I LOVE the new pictures at the top! How fun!

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