more gifts

remember this skirt? i finally fixed it and finished it. much better now.

then i made 2 of these for my nieces. so much work, but fairly easy. they turned out so cute that it justifies the time spent. i used this tutorial, but did patchwork instead of single pieces of fabric. i think i like them better than gracie’s. i still have 2 more to make!

thanks to joy’s recommendation, i got this cookbook for a girlfriend who has to sneak veggies into her family’s food. this should be perfect. i also made these potholders (way to much time for a fairly poor turnout), and added matching trim to some dishtowels.

these are the soft trees i mentioned a while back. the girls love to play with them. in fact, they’re usually missing , somewhere in the playroom with the horses of little people. i want to make more, they were so fast and easy, maybe 10 minutes total each. the next ones will be taller.

what to make for older boys? blankets were suggested. these blankets were at walmart for $7 a piece! they feel like minky – soooo soft. i just added a block of fabric and their initials. these guys like to play a lot of video games, so i thought they’d keep them warm during gaming or tv watching.

and they rolled up so nicely!

here’s a shot from the flowers i did for last weeks progressive dinner. love the costco flowers. can’t beat the prices unless you go to the flower mart.

we’re up at my parents’ house in beautiful bass lake. its soo cold, about 40 degrees right now. no snow…. yet. i’m hoping we’ll get some. the rest of the family will be rolling in through today and tomorrow. so happy to be here and be relaxing. this is christmas to me!


tie pillows

shannon! don’t look!!!!

i made some pillows for my sister (in-law) and her four kids. they are made from the ties of their father who passed away almost a year ago. i so wish i could be there when they open these gifts. they will mean so much to them.

here’s a quick tutorial:

the finished five pillows

i first layed out the ties in opposite directions. i used six ties for each pillow that resulted in 17″x17″ pillows.

i sewed them on the machine, right sides together, with about 1/8″ seam.

next i squared off the ties, cutting off the tips and tails.

then i cut coordinating fabric for the back and pinned it in place. then i sewed it all together with a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving an opening in the middle of one side about 4-5″ for the stuffing.

i trimmed the corners to get a nice point when turned inside out.

to get the best point, i’ve found that a chopstick works best without puncturing the fabric.

next fill with batting.

then finish with a blind stitch.

voila! you’re done!