quick update

no pics, no time. i need to go to sleep. the boy is sleeping beside me on my sleeping husband’s chest – so sweet, really. but the snoring… not so much (silas’s, not sean’s – he’s got a cold). so a quick update and some quick rambling:
-my header changed. i didn’t do it. who did? weird.
-i made some cute “soft trees” tonight. more on that later.
-christmas crafting has been going good, hence so little blogging.
-we’re hosting the dessert portion of a progressive dinner tomorrow night, (again) hence no blogging.
-early (before the crack) monday morning, we’re heading down to oc to disneyland! my best friend and her family are visiting from oregon and we’re making a day trip (yes, day trip, and yes, i know we’re crazy, but when you haven’t seen you’re best friend in a long time, or her new baby, you do crazy things!) to the happiest place on earth. so excited! the kids don’t know yet!
-gracie is singing in church tomorrow, hope to get some video and learn how to post it here.
-thanks to everyone for their wonderful advent advice. kim sent me a wonderful book to read with the kids. thanks, kim!
-lily update: sleeping has gotten (is that a word?) a bit better. some days she goes down for a nap in 25 minutes, other days not at all. same with bedtime, short or long. but better. we have definitely discovered that she just needs to go down earlier, like naps as soon as we get home from preschool pickup, and bedtime at 6:30. anything else spells disaster lately.
-silas got another haircut today. its ok. we gave him a long buzz. the bald spots in the back were just getting to be too much for me to look at all day. he looks like a totally different boy. i liked it better before, but its growing on me. definitely lighter. still brown, but not black like when he was first born.
ok, so i think that’s all the updating i can do now. must sleep. at least for the next hour or so until one of my 3 frequently waking children get up with a need that must be met!


  1. 1

    i can’t even begin to say anything about disneyland–you are crazy, but what a fun memory. i guess friends do make us do crazy things sometimes. or is love makes us do crazy things? can’t remember. have fun tonight–we’ll miss you guys.

  2. 2

    ‘m rethinking your d-land trip and i actually don’t think it’s crazy. with the kids being so little, i think one day is actually a perfect amount of time; it’s not too hot this time of year and it probably won’t be too crowded especially on a monday. sounds like a good idea to me!

  3. 3

    my header changed too – not sure what happened!

    disneyland sounds like fun – a long day but great memories for the kiddos.

    hope you got some sleep. thanks for the updates – always fun to know what is going on!

  4. 4
    Lisa Leonard says:

    Blogger must have done something with the ehaders?! When I looked at your blog on my laptop though, it was still bigger like it was before?! Glad things are good. Love you guys.

  5. 5
    Cathi Hamen says:

    oh good to see Nicoles little one! tell her to blog soon!

    go to photobucket to load your video.. it is soo easy and QUICK!

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