the haps

where have i been? what’s been happening around here? where has my time gone? why have i not been blogging?

such good questions, my friends! in order for me to even remember what i’ve been doing over the past week and a half (since my last post) i had to look at my camera. it now serves as my memory bank, because the one in my brain seems to continually disappoint.

all december my biggest girl kept asking me, “mom, when can i sew?”. yes, so sweet and touching to a crafty mama’s heart…. however, i also have 2 other young children, one of which demands to do all things “big”. so i put her off over and over, hoping to delay the sewing urge until she’s a bit older. but then my best friend had to go and give her the most adorable sewing book ever (see and sew). by the way, this is the same friend who gave her a child size sewing machine when she was 2. it is still sitting high atop the shelves of her closet. that’s for another year. since sean took some extra time off around the holidays, and all of my christmas crafting was done, we decided to try hand sewing.

she picked out a piece of scrap fabric and i drew some dots on it with a marker as guides. i gave her the biggest needle i could find with dark thread. she threaded the needle on her first try! she loved it. she was very patient and did a great job. after this first little sewing lesson she proceeded to tell me about all the projects she was going to make for her siblings. if only one lesson could produce such results!

then last week my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and her new baby boy came for a visit. we had such a nice time relaxing and talking about mothering. they also brought a carload (no joke) of gifts for our family, so we got to have a second christmas. the girls had a blast with it! below is a picture of the girls in their new shirts. thanks grandma!

here’s the little man on his new hot rod car – how cool is that?! just a couple more months and he’ll be scooting around on that thing by himself.

here’s silas and baby isaiah. so sweet to see them together, especially knowing that in the years ahead they’ll be so close and chasing each other around.

here’s isaiah making his “monkey face”! and he’s wearing an outfit his favorite aunt gave him ;)

and speaking of he babies, silas has not only discovered that his feet are fun to play with, but that his toes make excellent pacifiers! he is such a delightful baby. totally inconsistent, but delightful nonetheless. he is pure joy to our family, making us all smile and make ridiculous baby noises. great fun! i’ve been treasuring our late night/ early morning/ all night snuggles. he is so cozy to sleep with, by far my best snuggler yet. i don’t get the greatest sleep when he’s in my arms, but i know this won’t last forever, so i’m soaking up what i can get!

the big girls have been fun, too. we are learning what makes our family work best. we’ve altered sleeping schedules and its made a HUGE difference. when we mess with what we’ve learned works (like when we stayed out until 10 o’clock bowling with friends), we definitely pay for it. so now we’re learning how to balance activities and prioritize. gracie remains to be an amazing big sister. she is very helpful at keeping silas entertained and happy, and she and lily are learning to play together. lily has been very “2”: she has definitely been testing her boundaries, but also has been so enjoyable to watch learn new words and abilities. there is nothing sweeter than the 2-year old voice, example: “no. me. do. bababe (ballet). to. day. mama.” such long sentences, but all broken up by pauses.

and what’s the point of posting if i didn’t have a project to show? we’ve had this space on the side of our fridge waiting (and waiting) to be made useful. finally this weekend we got the first half of the intended project done. we made a message board out of sound board and fabric. we had the sound board cut to size at home depot, wrapped it with fabric taped to the back, and tacked it up.

i still need to put up a calendar, and in the lower square beneath the message board we got magnetic paint and chalkboard paint to make a magnetic chalkboard for the kids. a fun idea i’m sure i’ll regret when my couch and cabinets have chalk all over them. hmmm…… its not too late to change my mind….

we’re trying to get better about budgeting, so i thought this little pocket on the board was a good alternative to the pile i’ve had on the kitchen counter. i’m sure sean agrees.

we also got a new addition to our family! a new table! yay! as much as i grew to love the two folding plastic tables we’ve been using for over a year, a new table is a welcome addition. we’re learning how to balance being anal (“no banging your forks on the table!”), and letting things go and let the kids be kids. its a huge table, but perfect for the space, and it gets bigger with the addition of 2 more leaves. perfect for our big families.

here’s a sneak peek at a project in the works, only in my mind and on paper right now. more on that later as it develops.

other happenings: sean’s on a “get healthy diet”, and i’m sick of hearing about sugars and cheating, blah blah blah. i’m such a supportive wife, right? he’s at a late meeting tonight, so i’m pounding the see’s candy that i got for christmas.
our latest addiction has been the most recent season of lost being released on netflix. so good!

so sorry for the blog break. getting back into the swing of things is hard to do. i’ll try to be better, i promise.



  1. 1
    Lisa Leonard says:

    Yay! I’ve missed you!! Love hearing the latest. great pics. Gracie sewing and Silas getting so big! Love you.

  2. 2

    Love the update! Thanks for sharing!

    Lance is on a no pop, no sugar kick too -I am anxious to see how long it lasts.

    So sweet Gracie wants to sew and make projects. How great is that. Morgan has been on a knitting kick for over a year, but I have no clue how to do it. Thankfully our neighbor knits and has given her a few lessons.

    I LOVE the idea of the fabric wrapped sound board on the side of the fridge and then to do the paint under it – AWESOME! We have that same space in our kitchen, never thought about the magnetic chalkboard paint but that would be great since it is right near our school area.

  3. 3

    okay, we are loving the latest season of lost, too! i forgot we both liked lost. cade is on a diet, too. sometimes he (we) really wish we lived in town so he could ride with the guys who ride. oh well. so cute that gracie is learning to sew. that must make your heart go pitter-patter and how wonderful for eli to have a future wife who is crafty! :) and i love the 2 year old vocabulary. it’s too cute! i’ve missed you blogging, too.

  4. 4

    Wait – I didnt’ give Isaiah that outfit!!?? JK. I’m glad to hear you had a nice visit. I miss the you guys – need to see them soon :} Oh – your coming down next month – yeah!!! XOXO Shan

  5. 5
    Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    i love the table- it looks great!

    i keep hearing lily’s language and it makes me smile a lot.

    where did you find that fabric for the sound board? it looks great! similar to what i’m wanting for the back of my china cabinet.

    isaiah misses silas ad his smiles already!

  6. 6
    Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    i love the table- it looks great!

    i keep hearing lily’s language and it makes me smile a lot.

    where did you find that fabric for the sound board? it looks great! similar to what i’m wanting for the back of my china cabinet.

    isaiah misses silas ad his smiles already!

  7. 7

    I need a message board, and a place for receipts, and toes to chew on, when??

  8. 8
    Kristen Borland says:

    oh, we are so addicted to lost. when it comes in the mail, we literally watch the whole disc in one night (that’s four episodes! we just got season three disc 5 today, so we are anxiously awaiting the boys’ bedtime so we can watch it. mike’s friend at work says the episodes on this disc will totally blow our minds. yay!

    i love that gracie is sewing now. oh how i look forward to that! my mom has some of our first sewing projects framed. my sis and i eat hand sewed (free hand) a flower. she was 5 and i was 3!

  9. 9

    I love checking in on your blog…the latest crafts, decor tips, and family happenings are a quick diversion from my own busyness as a SAHM. Looking at the places you’ve been I see that there is another reason I like you – I’m from Missouri and went to school in Urbana! One question: Where did you buy the fabric for your board? I’m still in the planning stages of my organizational corner but haven’t found great fabric yet. Help!

  10. 10
    lindsey cheney says:

    court and dina – i got the fabric from the cotton ball (of course). its a waverly upholstery weight fabric called essence.

  11. 11
    poole party says:

    hey! i would LOVE to get a room by room on your paint colors – they are perfect!
    just an idea :)

  12. 12
    Kim and Dallas says:

    I love your kitchen table. Where did you buy it? Love your blog!

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