with all the rain today, and no school or errands to run off to, we’ve stayed in our jammies ALL day, only taking them off to do a little of this:

what a great day for a bubble bath! and this guy decided to show off his standing skills to his ladies:
they were very impressed. today’s chill also called for a healthy dose of this:

which of course lead to a carpet picnic – sugar snap peas and hummus.

of course, i got in my daily dose of these: computer, talks with nicole, and chocolate.

what do you like to do on these blustery days?



  1. 1
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    Not an answer to your question, but a comment…the chocolate in the plastic bag looks like poop! ;)

    (That’s really just my jealous bitterness coming through…oh how I pine for chocolate and all things dairy!)

  2. 2

    we had preschool today, so we weren’t able to stay at home the whole day, but…we bought a fake Christmas tree for $14, kids took naps, i started a craft project, abe and i had tea and crackers and attempted reading by the fire. i’ve just been thankful that we have a warm, dry house today and a belly filling dinner to look forward to. can’t believe silas is pulling himself up! he’s going to be walking by what? 7 months? that’s so cool. i think it’s cute when kids walk at young ages because they’re so little.

  3. 3

    It has been cold here so it seems we have been having lots of jammie days and doing school in front of the fireplace. We have been having some picnics in front of the fireplace as well, lots of reading and snuggling under blankets, and getting caught up on school stuff. There have been lots of puppet shows and plays going on as well. The other benefit of jammie days- cuts down on the amount of laundry :o)

  4. 4

    we should have done that. we went to disneyland after school, thinking the weather forecaster would be wrong about the rain. he was right and we got dumped on! but, it was an adventure! miss you! looks like you have a little tyler…sit, crawl, stand in one month! xoxo

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