a little help, please

i’ve been trying for a bit now to post some videos on here, but the computer novice in me can’t figure it out. all of my pics and movies get downloaded directly to picasa, then i try to put it on blogger from there and it never works. then i tried to go thru youtube and my videos wouldn’t upload (download?). any suggestions? i also tried photobucket and had the same issues.



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    Hey Linds, my videos go on directly from camera to my computer, so then I just use the little video icon on the post page and load it up. It does take a while though – you have to be patient. :}

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    Brianna Heldt says:

    sorry, i have no clue. i youtubed something once, but i don’t remember how, i think the youtube site tells you how (?) as you know, the extent of my tech saviness is uploading pictures!

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    Sam and his girls says:

    Hello!It’s Andria and I was just checking out your blog,and I had a tip on the vid situation. If your computer has the scanner wizard thing. When you go to transfer your pics from your camera to computer, you can save everything includ. your vids that will have a vid icon instead of being a picture. And then once saved you can go into the post and download it from there. Your other friend said it right, takes awhile but u will eventually c the vid. Goodluck!

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    Minnesota Matron says:

    Start the download on YouTube, then hit pause. Find the preferences button somewhere on the download thingie and pick the folder you want the video to go into. I use a ‘blog’ folder I created. Then, the video is easy to find. When you upload to blogger it can take a long long time so be patient. Hope this is one stab among many that get you there.

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