my girl

oh my sweet, thoughtful girl! you were so sweet to me this morning when i wasn’t feeling well (note: NOT morning sickness). daddy asked you to take care of me and, boy, did you! i layed down on your bed for a little nap while grandma and grandpa were still here (ended up being a wonderful hour and a half!), and you made things so easy for me to sleep. you closed the shades for me so it was nice and dark. you said you’d do all the cleaning today since i wasn’t feeling well. you started in your room by putting away your books – and you did it the way i like: instead of stacking and shoving them on the shelf, you put them in properly. thank you! you left the room and kept your siblings nice and quiet.

you’ve been really funny lately, too. here’s a bit of the latest:

g: “i’m gona be a rock star, mama”
me: “what’s a rock star?”
g: “someone who likes to rock out”
me: “what does it mean to rock out?”
g: “it means to have fun to dance”


g: “i’m using my magination”


and lots of talk around here about “when i’m five….”, and “for my five year old birthday party…”, and “when i’m a grown-up…”. what’s the rush, baby girl?



  1. 1
    Lisa Leonard says:

    what a sweetie. and beautiful, too. hope you are feeling better…

  2. 2

    beautiful picture of Gracie!

    hope you are feeling better.

    what a sweet, grown up girl!

  3. 3
    Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    beautiful picture linds! hope you are feeling better!

  4. 4
    Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    beautiful picture linds! hope you are feeling better!

  5. 5

    found your blog through sew, mama sew! quilt photo pool on flickr…just want to tell you your children are absolutely precious! if you have time, check out my blog…i post pics of the grandkids who i think are adorable, too! nice quilts!!!!!

  6. 6
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    So sweet. I love how you had to clarify that you weren’t pregnant…!

  7. 7

    That was funny cuz that was the first thing I thought when my Mom told me you weren’t feeling well – pretty sad that we can’t be just “sick” without everyone assuming we did it to ourselves!! hee hee. Hope your back to your sweet, creative, cheery self soon :} ~ Luv u Gracie poo ~

  8. 8
    Sarah Markley says:

    Gorgeous photo. Ahhh, they always want to be bigger, or at least have a party! =) My 6 year old (who just had her birthday) is already talking about 7. Whoa there…

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