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so, as you may have noticed, i’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump (other than today of course, but they’ve been small, unrelated posts that deserve their own space). each time i come back on to post i realize, wow!, its been a week since my last post! i used to post at least a few times a week. i remember when kate said she was going to cut back to blogging only twice a week and i thought that would be so hard for me to do! ha! every time i post i feel like i need to start with an apology, but nope, not this time. i’m coming with an explanation. or maybe i’m still trying to come up with one? i’ve been busy. not with anything in particular, just life. i’d like to say my days go so fast, i look back each night and wonder where all the time has gone, but thats not the way it is around here. i feel like the “everyday” is keeping my schedule full: laundry, dishes, nursing, diapers, cleaning, picking up…. i actually want to try to write down everything i do in one day, partly to show my husband (not that he doesn’t understand, but because i don’t think he fully knows what each minute entails). you know what i mean? everyday i wake up and don’t stop. if i’m not nursing (which is typically when i blog and check emails, etc), then i’m doing the daily chores, being a stay-at-home mom. its amazing to me how crazy messy my house can get each day, even when i feel like i’ve been staying on top of things throughout the day! so there you have it – i haven’t been blogging because of all that. understand?

on to more interesting things, please. as i mentioned earlier, my parents were here this past weekend. sean was supposed to go out of town for a guys snowboarding trip sunday to wednesday, but had some stuff hold him back. we had a great weekend. here’s the weekend in review:

i asked my mom to help me decorate our buffet. it tends to be a dumping ground for projects or things with no home, so i knew that if it looked pretty i wouldn’t mess it up.

then i asked her to reorganize my shelves on each side of the fireplace. i’ve done it so many times, but sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes to know what looks best. its a fresh change.
we also repainted this coffee table, which sits against a wall right now in our living room so silas can have more floor space.

we painted the top brown and the bottom the turquoise from silas’ room, then sanded it up for some heavy distressing, then did a really sloppy blackish brown wash over the top. this was fun to do since i used to do this as a profession, but haven’t done it in years. of course i also was just using whatever paints i had on hand, no glaze or soft brushes – mostly craft paints, water and foam brushes.

sean took my dad on a road ride. they really seem to enjoy each other’s company…. or at least they’re really good at faking it!

gracie got to spend some money she’s been saving. she chose to get skates and a pink alarm clock (i don’t know why? she can’t tell time yet!). my mom helped me run a bunch of errands and gets lots checked off my to do list. i’ve come to realize that running errands has definitely become harder with 3 kids. i think its all the buckling and unbuckling… and maybe the tantrums, too!

yes! the girls are in their suits again. they ask to be any time the sun is out, really. here’s my dad hanging out with the kids making “brown spaghetti poop”! i love how my parents get down and play with my kids. they are very interactive with them. please move here soon!

here’s a little snippet of gracie’s bsy work she did yesterday, all on her own. remind you of anything?

and the boy, of course. he loves to stand, bounce, sit up, crawl (yes crawl, although its mostly an army crawl on the belly, but sometimes on his knees). he had his six month check up this morning and he weighs 17 lbs, is 27 1/4 in. long. he’s 50% for weight and 75% for height. he’s getting four more teeth on top, also. looks like i’ve got a fun bunch of nights coming up!

so there you have it. maybe it doesn’t matter that i only average one post a week because thats about how long it takes to read through one of them!



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    thanks for the post linds. i always enjoy reading, and yes i do know what you mean about spending your whole day doing housework…ahhh! i love the buffet decorations. it looks so pretty. glad to see you’re doing well.

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    the daily grind takes up lots of time. i have thought about documenting each day too – so i could show lance and so i would remember some day and hopefully be a help to other young mothers. i think as this time goes by you forget how little things take up so much time. taking 3 kids in and out of car seats is time consuming. i have gone to taking one day to run errands – which my list is long and i usually only get the necessity stuff done, rarely do have time for the “extras”

    the table, rearranging, etc… looks great. so glad you had a fun weekend with your parents.

    landon pretty much lives in shorts but our temp is hovering between 30’s and 40’s – even when we had a foot of snow on the ground each day he would get dressed in shorts. of course i made him put pants on when we went and did errands etc but he went right back to the shorts.

    oh how silas is growing up! i giggled when I saw his stats – Mauryn only outweighs him by a pound and is only about an inch and a half shorter.

    thanks for the update. i always enjoy hearing what is going on at your house.

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    rachel trigueiro, event designer says:

    I absolutely LOVE your birdy book-ends! Where did you get them?! I have been endlessly looking for fun book-ends over a year now to no avail. Any suggestions? :)

  4. 4
    lindsey cheney says:

    rachel- i got these little iron birds about 6 years ago – i’m no help! they’re actually not intended to be bookends, but my mom thought of it, and they’re weighty enough to work. do a google search for iron birds?

  5. 5
    rachel trigueiro, event designer says:

    Lindsey- Thank you for the tip! I will try it tonight :-) By the way, love your blog! I came across it through another one…I love your realness about life as a wife and mom, it is refreshing!(Not to mention your craftiness):) I will definitely check back frequently! Thanks again for the tip :) God bless! Rachel

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    Hi! Just found your blog via Lisa’s…

    just saying hi!

    – Jenny :)

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