flea finds

after writing my last post i’ve been reflecting on how much of what’s in my house is from hunting adventures: garage sales, flea markets, or estate sales. actually, we have very little furniture that is not second hand, which i have learned to appreciate even more as a mom of three: i rarely worry about my furniture getting damaged because a) it may already look damaged, or b) it was so inexpensive to start with that stressing over being cautious is not worth it. so here’s another little peek into my home and my former life as a junker:

i got a couple of these great old fans at garage sales – and they still work!

i think this little birdcage was from a garage sale, too.
we got this old window from a salvage store and added knobs from fleas and my parents’ stash.
this table used to hold a sewing machine inside it.

over the years i’ve bought so many suitcases from all over. they were great sellers in my space and add great color and texture. these are used as a bedside table in silas’ room.

i can’t remember where we found this chair. i’ve always planned on having cushions made for it, but never wanted to fork out the money for it, or figure out how to do it myself. thankfully, euro pillows are the perfect size to take the place of real cushions.

we’ve had this dresser since we first got married, found at a garage sale, and its been in about every room of our house. it came white and i painted it a slightly creamy color, then added the turquoise trim a couple years ago.

found this at the rose bowl. it has hung in every house we’ve ever lived in together. it has been white until its most recent transformation with some matte black spray paint. i was getting kind of tired of it when it was white, feeling like it was too “shabby chic”. i contemplated a more modern fixture over the dining table, like a single drum shade, but figured i should try the black paint first, which i’m really happy with. i’m still thinking about that drum shade, but maybe now on a floor lamp.

got this desk chair at a garage sale, and painted it white. it swivels and reclines! (but it also squeaks)

garage saled lantern

bottles from all over, some even from london with my mom and sister. they say “lemonade”, and “paris”
these locker baskets are from the slo flea.

you’ve seen this coffee table before. from a garage sale, refinished.

eiffel tower from g-sale, pedestal dish from estate sale, egg soap from g-sale, green glass container from antique mall, mirror in top right corner from santa monica flea.

tray from another dealer at the antique mall i held space at.

i got 5 of these reproduction hawaiian prints at the irvine flea, mats and frames from aaron bros.

side cabinets found at the rose bowl from a company that tears apart and clears out old homes. they had amazing architectural pieces. the dresser in the middle is from the santa monica flea and is currently home to art supplies and gift wrap.

easel from a g-sale

this antique baby crib is now used as a daybed/couch in the playroom – found at the slo flea.



  1. 1

    Wow. I need to get to some flea markets! It was good to see you (ever so briefly) on Sunday. Next time I’ll get to church on time so I can chat!

  2. 2
    asnipofgoodness says:

    very cool stuff! My problem, is that I don’t pay closr attention to what things cost, so I never know if something at a flea, or garage sale, is a good deal! You have a real eye for finding some real treasures!

  3. 3
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    So awesome! Love your stuff!

  4. 4
    Brianna Heldt says:

    as always SO GREAT! your home is just gorgeous and i love getting to hear all about where you find everything. i’ve always thought the lighting fixture above your table looks SO GOOD black!

  5. 5

    oh.my.word -love your stuff. you have some awesome finds. it makes me want to find some good garage sales and flea markets :o)

  6. 6

    I am in LOVE with all your stuff and the way you use it. I am so UNcreative! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. 7

    OK lindsey, you seriously need to shop and decorate my house. I love that so many pieces have great stories behind them! Love it!

  8. 8
    Sam and his girls says:

    I just adore your sense of style. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your goodies.

  9. 9
    Kristen Borland says:

    i’m super impressed! love the bird cage!

  10. 10

    Ok, I have literally spent the last hour reading through the “house” section of your blog. Literally. I have seen this playroom over and over but now I must stop and ask..even though I’m afraid of the answer…what is the wall color? ;-) I never thought of myself as a green lover but this is such a soothing green. And heck, I figure that even if you don’t know the wall color, I can at least take this moment to tell you that you truly inspire me to stop trying to make everything so “perfect” and just “live” in my house and enjoy the process…whether it be chocked full of mistakes or paint colors I end up hating or not…..of making it my own. :-)

    PS. I seriously thought I may have to stop reading your blog after seeing that turquoise bedroom….my heart skipping about 3 beats….and reading that you don’t remember the color. Defibrillator please!!!!! ;-)

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