7 loads

of laundry! thats what i’m working on today.

we got back last night from a long weekend trip. we left thursday afternoon in a borrowed rv and headed up towards monterey to laguna seca, where the sea otter classic is held.

how beautiful is this view?! very “sound of music”!

sweet times with great friends

sean competed in a beginner class mountain bike race there last year and placed 4th. this year he went up a class and placed 2ND!!!! i’m so proud of him! he did very well, especially considering that he had some mechanical issues with his bike (like his chain falling off 3 times!). all the other guys did very well, too – maybe its the onesource kits?
some of the guys after a warm up ride

among them all, there were 2 first places, one second, a 5th and a 6th. this is a huge accomplishment for a group of guys that trained very hard.

who’s that on the wheaties box?

although it was super fun to see all the guys race and do so well, the weather made everything else pretty much miserable.
chad lead all the kids in some warm-up excercises while we waited in the chilly wind for some of the guys to race by. can you see how windy it was? this wasn’t even at its worst.

it was so cold and soo windy (like 40+ mph), we couldn’t even go outside the trailers unless we had to by the end of the weekend. the kids all did really well considering the weather and racing around. they enjoyed doing laps around the campground on their bikes and playing hide-and-seek in the tall grass.

we left saturday afternoon after sean’s race and met our sweet friends, the damatos, in monterey at the fisherman’s warf for a much-too-quick visit. next we were off for my aunt and uncle’s house near sacramento. sunday morning we met my whole family for my grandfather’s memorial service, then gathered back at my uncle’s for a big bbq. it was really good to see so much family that i haven’t seen in years. we were planning on heading home that night, but were too tired so we invited ourselves to stay for another night (we do that a lot, don’t we kim?). we headed home for the 6+ hour drive monday morning, and now i’m left with the “aftermath” of unloading an rv straight into our living room!



  1. 1

    Way to go Sean! YAHOO!!

    Love the wheaties box – far too cute!

    It looks like a fun, but very chilly weekend.

    Coming home to the unpacking – UGH! I always feel like it takes me about a week to pull it all together with the laundry, putting stuff away, mail, bills, the getting groceries and cleaning house. I feel your pain of laundry and unloading!

  2. 2

    glad you’re home. sounds like it was a fun race! congrats to the one source team–i definitely think the one source clothes did the trick. oh and i HATE unpacking!

  3. 3

    So proud of Sean! And I’m so proud of you for being his #1 devoted fan :} What a trooper. Um, is that Wheaties box available in stores yet?? And you know One Source was being represented down here with Jeff’s Triathlon! Gotta love free advertising.

  4. 4

    we love the extra nighters!

    glad we got to see you for a little bit! i agree with you…the racing was fun, but the weather was AWFUL!

  5. 5
    Kristen Borland says:

    sounds like fun!

  6. 6
    Cathi Hamen says:

    Go Sean!!! Nice work One Source!! it must have been the sexy outfit….
    love the wheaties box idea!!

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