excuses, excuses

wow! finally another post, right? man, that was a long break. but lots of exciting stuff going on around here – lots of stuff to take me away from you guys. here’s my excuses:
1) first, and most exciting: MY SISTER IS HERE!!!!! she and her boyfriend are back from their african safari, are currently homeless and jobless (don’t feel too sad for them – its not as pathetic as it sounds – remember they did just get back from an african safari), and are in the states for a bit until they decide where they will work/live etc. unfortunately, it looks like they’re going back to london for a bit longer. selfishly, i want them to stay right here. so its been wonderful having my sister here (charles left yesterday to go back to london for interviews), and she’s here indefinitely – which could mean she leaves in a few days or a few weeks. i’m voting for a few weeks. hey, a girl can hope.
2) my parents were here last weekend and we loved having them. as always, we got some projects done. it seems like we don’t get anything done around the house until my parents come. actually, i think its a fact that nothing gets done without them. so…. my mom and i made a planter box in our front yard and sean and my dad put the sprinklers in the back yard on timers, and some other stuff. so back to the planters – it was no small job. we had to weed the whole area first then dig trenches where the recycled brick retaining wall would go, move all the bricks from the back yard, build the wall, level it, move dirt and soil, set up drainage and drip lines… lots of stuff. i’ll show pics of it another time because it doesn’t look so hot right now. actually, it does look SO hot right now because my sister and i transplanted plants from the back yard up to the new planter and they have all scorched and burned in this 95 degree PLUS weather we’ve had for the last couple days! can you believe it?
3) something else that took precedence over blogging was going to the beach with my family yesterday. it had to be done. after the kids and i went garage sale-ing, we picked up sean fresh from a mtn bike ride and headed to the beach. it was so relaxing, the kids were all great. very fun. remind me to do that more, ok?
4) i’ve been getting ready for this. i would do little bits of work here and there, and get help from where i could. i really tried not to buy anything new for this boutique, trying to only use what i already had. i did pretty good, only buying a few clips and zippers, i think. so the boutique was today and was really fun. not a raging success, but very fun. how could it not be with these girls? this was my first boutique and it was great. i learned what sells and a bit on how to price things, and what to change. definitely a learning experience for me, and well worth it for the learning, and did i mention the fun? here’s a few shots from the day:

great time of eating too many brownies, chatting, laughing and just hanging out! thank you, joy and lisa, for walking me through pricing and basic business sense! and thank you to my cute husband for helping me clean the house, taking the kids for a few hours so i could do this, and not coming home when i expected you so i’d have time to blog!


  1. 1

    Okay…. If only there was a boutique like that by me!!! Please tell me you have an Etsy shop… or will open one up RIGHT NOW! I want everything!

  2. 2

    Wow Linds, you have been busy :} I’m glad your getting to spend some time with your sister and that your parents were there – so cool that you get some great things done. Sorry that we just talk about all the things that need to be done (like the sprinkler timers) then just go on to doing fun stuff around town – haha. Wait – we made flowers!! And I wish I could have gone to that boutique!! Such cute stuff :} Love & miss ya XOXO

  3. 3
    Lisa Leonard says:

    it was so fun and relaxing. sooo good to hang out with you and joy and everyone who dropped by. the things you made were lovely–I wanted them ALL!

  4. 4
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    Holy cow girl! So busy! And building a planter is a huge task! Can’t wait to see it. Sorry I missed the boutique yesterday…was planning on it, but it just didn’t work out logistically in the end (Sunday afternoons are the hardest for us SM folks).

  5. 5

    the boutique looks like fun – so many cute things :o)

    wow you have been busy – glad you are getting time with your parents and sister.

    the day at the beach sounds great :o)

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    I so wished you all lived near me so I could have attended your spring fling! I found your website through Lisa’s blog and totally love reading it!

    I would love to buys some headbands from you for my two girls that are 5 and 3! I couldn’t find your email address or phone # but if you would email me at shelly.primm@childressklein.com so that I can order some I would greatly appreciate it!

    Shelly Primm

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    I would also like to buy some headbands from you. Live up in Bay area so we would have to figure something out. You should sell your items on Etsy! Great stuff…


  8. 8
    Carrie Haughey says:

    so cute! I may have to get some of those headbands from you…

  9. 9

    fun,and great pix. you should start an Etsy shop, you could make capes, and skirts, and pillow case purses, and those pencil holder thingies, and
    aprons out of hideous Christmas dresses… oh wait you have already done all that!
    sean could stop working, cause you’d be a hit!

  10. 10
    Sam and His Girls says:

    I loved reading about your little boutique. That seems like something I ‘might’ be able to pull off here in Monterey w/ some girlfriends, Any advice? Thnk again for sharing your ideas..Andria Phillips

  11. 11

    Wow! It looks like such a great time! I would have come by, that is…if I weren’t all.the.way.across.the.country!!! I’m a new visitor…and just wanted to say how gorgeous your little ones are. Too cute! Also, can’t wait to see the planter box. If you can imagine, I’m jealous of your scorched flowers…as it barely made 40 here today in NY!

  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Do you have an etsy shop? If not, you really should.

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