paper flowers

this weekend was the women’s conference at my church. it was great – we had 3 speakers, all from our own church. we are very blessed to have such incredible speakers in our own church body.
i, along with 2 wonderful helpers, did the centerpieces this year for the tables. i’m sure you’ve heard me grumble about them before. i made a mistake. although i’m really happy with the final product, the process was much MUCH more than i anticipated.
i got the idea for the project from paper source, watched their how-to video, bought a kit and some paper, and got to work. its been a very long process. we started about 2 months ago cutting out the leaves and petals… all 1125+ of them!

next , we glued floral wire to the back of them to allow them to be bent and shaped.
then i made stamens for the centers, then we wrapped them all 13 parts (5 small petals, 5 large petals, 2 leaves, 1 stamen) in floral tape to make 1 (yes ONE) flower.
we made about 100 in the end, and i still have LOTS of parts to make more.

so each table had a vase ($3 from walmart) filled with shredded paper bags (free) to cover the ugly stems, and 5 flowers.

we also added some flowers to an arrangement in front of the pulpit.
and, each woman had a packet of seeds at her place setting to go with the conference theme: grounded, growing, and overflowing. those packets were each wrapped in paper that coordinated with the centerpieces. easy-schmeasy.

at the end of the conference, all of the centerpieces were part of a give-away. they were very much appreciated. i did manage to snag a couple handfulls of them for myself and my helpers. thank you, joy and kate, for all your hard work and time put into my crazy idea! i’ll try to think simpler next time!

something new: i recently saw a blog (you’d think with how link-happy i am tonight that i’d have a link to it, but nope) where she wrote at the end of each post the things she was grateful for that day. i thought that was an awesome way to end a post, and to end a day, so here’s mine:

i am thankful for
1. for a church that has incredible teachers
2. for some sweet time with friends
3. for the kids all behaving well for daddy
4. for my sweet husband taking care of the kids while i relaxed
5. for yummy frozen yogurt tonight (irish mint with thin mints crushed on top – OH MY GOODNESS!!!)
6. sweet friends letting us crash in on their dinner… again!
7. watching LOST with my husband
8. having a home to clean
9. the INCREDIBLE weather today and tonight
10. the ability to walk to an amazing downtown. this place is beautiful!



  1. 1

    What a project! The centerpieces are great!

    I love your thankful list – what a great idea!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend :o)

  2. 2
    Debra Lane Designs says:

    Those flowers look great!
    It’s fun to be creative.

  3. 3

    linds–the flowers turned out great. thanks for letting me help! i like the blog ending, too. missed you at church today.

  4. 4
    Cathi Hamen says:

    cute centerpieces! hope the confernce was inspirational!!

  5. 5
    theysaywordscanbleed says:

    those are very cute!

    West Bremerton flowers

  6. 6

    They turned out great Linds :} despite all our glue mess! And I love the thankful thing too!! I might have to steal that! love ya XOXO

  7. 7

    Ohhhh where did you get the mint yogurt? I love mint!

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