26, 27, 28, twenty-niiiiine…

thirty!!! ok, not yet, but only about 3 hours away! yikes! only 3 hours left in my twenty-something body. they say it all changes when you turn 30. i think it all changed after having my third baby, and decided to continue to eat whatever i wanted. not a great idea, by the way. i’ve always been blessed, along with my sister (so its in the genes – thanks mom!), with pretty fast metabloism. i’ve really never had to watch my weight or what i ate. but since silas was born, man!, after losing the baby weight i gained some back! i know, i know. you don’t pity me. but just listen: when you’ve lived your whole life one way (eating a lot, in my case), then it suddenly changes, yet your habits don’t, its a bit hard to take. i look at my body and think “thats not mine!”. its a very weird feeling. anyway, lets get away from that topic – a bit random, yes?

so what am i doing with my last few hours as a youngster? well, all three kids are in bed (hopefully they’ll stay that way), and i plan on getting some crafting done. i have piles and piles of fabric waiting to be chopped and sewn and pressed and SOLD! i have ideas upon ideas of things to make, but my time has been so short here at the sewing table lately! is tonight the night?! or, more likely, i’ll make myself a banana split and watch a movie (remember the weight thing i mentioned earlier? can’t imagine where its coming from – i eat so healthy! ha!), and stay up just late enough that by the time my pillow hits the head i’ll hear a little voice coming from the monitor by my ear.

but i do have big plans for tomorrow. and they keep getting bigger! we’ll start the day off with a garage sale. no, not the usual “go garage sale-ing”, but have a garage sale. we had to clear out the garage in order for it to get demo’ed this next week (yay!), and we found more junk than we have room for (shocker). and it just so happens that some other neighbors were having garage sales too, soooo… i decided it would be a great idea to host a garage sale too – with no husband in town and 3 little ones – genius! but here’s where the ideas get better: i also decided to give myself a little break on my birthday and hired a sitter to come at naptime and stay for a few hours. i’m going to shop downtown BY MYSELF (unless anyone not 5 and under wants to join me!). so what money am i going to spend on myself? yes, definitely the money from gram (thanks gram!), but also….. (dramatic pause) my garage sale money!!!! genius, i tell you! i am going to be one motivated seller tomorrow morning! so the way i see it, given the situation (husband gone on monumental birthday) i’ve taken my lemons and made lemonade!

zippered pouches are the project tonight (if i get to it). just the cutting out part, though. probably no actual sewing. but here’s a few teasers for you – i’m just dying over this fabric, i love it so much! won’t these make the cutest pouches?!

by the way, my kids have all already given me a gift today: their colds! yuck! i’m just starting to feel all snotty and heavy headed! thank goodness for breathe right strips (they really work)!

good night! i’ll be back when i’m 30!


more headbands

i just finished a bunch more of these headbands. thanks so much to the great response i’ve gotten for them! these are basically all the same as last time, i just have more now!

these are fully reversible fabric headbands with a couple of inches of elastic at the neck to help it stay put. they are $12 each or 2 for $21 or 3 for $28 (wow! what a deal! ;) ) + $2.50 for shipping ($1 for each additional item). there’s still a few clips available from this post, so feel free to combine orders. let me know if you want child size or adult size. you can email me at 5cheneys@gmail.com. happy browsing!

#1 is a lime green polka dot reversing to a *beautiful* purple floral – love it! SOLD

#2 is a sherbet pink reversing to a pink and cream floral. 1 AVAILABLE

#3 is a brown with white polka dot reversing to a green paisley. ONLY 1 LEFT!

#4 is a red with pink polka dot reversing to a funky asian print. 2 AVAILABLE

#5 is a sweet turquoise bird on white reversing to a brown floral. 2 AVAILABLE!

#6 is a blue and red floral reversing to a red dot. SOLD

#7 is a very sweet pale blue floral on white reversing to a soft pink with white polka dot. 1 LEFT!

#8 is a sage green damask reversing to white with robbin’s egg blue. 2 AVAILABLE

#9 is a *vintage* amy butler cream floral reversing to chocolate with slightly metallic blue dots. SOLD

#10 is a brown floral reversing to a jade dot. ONLY 1 LEFT!

#11 is a crEam with dusty blue polka dot reversing to a punchy red graphic floral. ONLY 1 LEFT!

#12 is a cream floral reversing to a brown with cream leaf pattern. 2 AVAILABLE

#13 is an aqua and brown stripe reversing to an aqua paisley. SOLD

things i’m thankful for today:
1. remembering to be thankful! its been a long time…
2. i’ve got two kids napping (WOOHOO!)
3. sean gets to have some time away at a men’s retreat this weekend. i’m not thankful he’ll be gone, but am thankful he gets some rest away.
4. when sean’s away, i tend to get a LOT of crafting done. i’m thankful that i’ll have some time to power through a bunch of projects that i’ve been trying to get to!