26, 27, 28, twenty-niiiiine…

thirty!!! ok, not yet, but only about 3 hours away! yikes! only 3 hours left in my twenty-something body. they say it all changes when you turn 30. i think it all changed after having my third baby, and decided to continue to eat whatever i wanted. not a great idea, by the way. i’ve always been blessed, along with my sister (so its in the genes – thanks mom!), with pretty fast metabloism. i’ve really never had to watch my weight or what i ate. but since silas was born, man!, after losing the baby weight i gained some back! i know, i know. you don’t pity me. but just listen: when you’ve lived your whole life one way (eating a lot, in my case), then it suddenly changes, yet your habits don’t, its a bit hard to take. i look at my body and think “thats not mine!”. its a very weird feeling. anyway, lets get away from that topic – a bit random, yes?

so what am i doing with my last few hours as a youngster? well, all three kids are in bed (hopefully they’ll stay that way), and i plan on getting some crafting done. i have piles and piles of fabric waiting to be chopped and sewn and pressed and SOLD! i have ideas upon ideas of things to make, but my time has been so short here at the sewing table lately! is tonight the night?! or, more likely, i’ll make myself a banana split and watch a movie (remember the weight thing i mentioned earlier? can’t imagine where its coming from – i eat so healthy! ha!), and stay up just late enough that by the time my pillow hits the head i’ll hear a little voice coming from the monitor by my ear.

but i do have big plans for tomorrow. and they keep getting bigger! we’ll start the day off with a garage sale. no, not the usual “go garage sale-ing”, but have a garage sale. we had to clear out the garage in order for it to get demo’ed this next week (yay!), and we found more junk than we have room for (shocker). and it just so happens that some other neighbors were having garage sales too, soooo… i decided it would be a great idea to host a garage sale too – with no husband in town and 3 little ones – genius! but here’s where the ideas get better: i also decided to give myself a little break on my birthday and hired a sitter to come at naptime and stay for a few hours. i’m going to shop downtown BY MYSELF (unless anyone not 5 and under wants to join me!). so what money am i going to spend on myself? yes, definitely the money from gram (thanks gram!), but also….. (dramatic pause) my garage sale money!!!! genius, i tell you! i am going to be one motivated seller tomorrow morning! so the way i see it, given the situation (husband gone on monumental birthday) i’ve taken my lemons and made lemonade!

zippered pouches are the project tonight (if i get to it). just the cutting out part, though. probably no actual sewing. but here’s a few teasers for you – i’m just dying over this fabric, i love it so much! won’t these make the cutest pouches?!

by the way, my kids have all already given me a gift today: their colds! yuck! i’m just starting to feel all snotty and heavy headed! thank goodness for breathe right strips (they really work)!

good night! i’ll be back when i’m 30!



  1. 1
    pennymalley says:

    Happy Birthday! Wait… wasn’t your hubby one of the main planners of this retreat?? He owes you, big time!
    Love LoveLove the horse fabric for Katie- Any way you can also make a headband out of it? She’d love anything out of that material!

  2. 2
    lindsey cheney says:

    – yes, he did plan it. and i do need to give him more credit – he asked if this weekend would be ok (it was the only weekend available on the church calendar) and i said yes. i’m just giving him a hard time.
    if you are really interested in a headband or pouch (or both) for katie, let me know. i have just a teensy bit of most of these fabrics, so i won’t cut it yet. i also have the same print in a pale blue.

  3. 3
    Valerie says:

    A very happy 30th to you! It’s not so bad — last year was my big 30th and we threw a big roller-skating bash, haha, so I loved turning 30! I just turned 31 last week and it’s not so monumental, haha…

    Hope you sell sell sell tomorrow so you can spend spend spend in the afternoon. And I’m all with you there on the babysitter for your birthday — last weekend I told my husband for my birthday I wanted a babysitter two evenings in a row so we could go see both Narnia and Indiana Jones. I think the free time was by far my favorite gift…:)

    Love your blog, and I figured your birthday was as good a time as any to de-lurk.

  4. 4
    lindsey cheney says:

    valerie – thanks for the gift of de-lurking! i just checked out your blog – love your house (and all thing anthropologie, too!)!

  5. 5
    Jill Duarte says:

    Happy Birthday Lindsey! Enjoy all the wonderful time you will have to yourself!

  6. 6
    Jacquelyn says:

    I had no idea you were soooooo much older than me! (I’ll turn 30 in Dec.) Happy Birthday!

  7. 7
    Brianna Heldt says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It is a crazy thought to be leaving the 20’s…I’ll be 27 in July, I remember when that seemed old, but now it obviously doesn’t. :)

    And the day you have planned sounds amazing! Have fun shopping downtown, and enjoy your day! I miss you!

  8. 8

    Happy Birthday my sweet Linds!!! I wish I could be there to give you a biiiiigggg 30th hug! Turning 40 is killing me – leaving the thirty’s is haaarrrdddd. I don’t think I’ve ever cared before! Oh well, it’s just life I guess. If I would have known Sean was going to be gone I would have come and played with you this weekend! But I guess it will have to wait for a few weeks :) Love Ya!!!! Have a great day!!!! XOXO

  9. 9
    unfinished says:

    happy birthday to my baby girl! you don’t actually turn 30 until about 5pm this evening. i remember the day well. i was sitting on the living room couch feeling these little butterfly tweeks, thinking it might be you coming two weeks late. how was i to know if this was how natural labor began. you were my fourth but the other three were all induced. i finally told your dad maybe he shouldn’t go to the office. we hung out a couple of hours and then went to the doctor. he said i might as well go to the hospital because it looked like you were on your way. i asked dad how he wanted to spell your name if you were a girl. he wanted to spell it “linz” as in “linzee”. i told him that wasn’t one of his choices. you know he spells very phonetically.

    after we got to the hospital we spent a few hours playing cards with chuck and mary clayton who came to share in your birth. we had to take occasional breaks to do breathing with the contractions. about 5pm dr. crandall came in and started getting ready for your delivery. (hope this isn’t too graphic for your other blogger friends.) after your head was out dr. c asked if i wanted to finish deliverying you so i said sure. when your shoulders popped out he had me grab ahold of them and i pulled you the rest of the way out. it was pretty awesome and the photos were great.

    it’s hard to believe that was 30 years ago. for a child i wasn’t sure i wanted, you have been such a blessing. i think of all the things i would have missed and know again that you were part of God’s plan. you have blessed us all with your gifts of love, hospitality and craftiness, not to mention three beautiful grandchildren. i love you more every day. mom

    see you soon. let the demolition began!

  10. 10
    Cathi Hamen says:

    Happy 30th Birthday!!
    hope u got over that cold!!

  11. 11
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    Ok, your mom just had me all teared up! What a sweet relationship you guys have! That was awesome!

    Wish I had known in advance, or I would have totally come up (added one more kid to your sitter’s roster) and gone shopping with you!


  12. 12
    Lisa Leonard says:

    happy birthday sweet friend! i am dreaming of the wonderful things you are probably selling for cheap! wish i could stalk your sale. oh well! i have enough of my own junk. hope you make some good dough and have fun spending it! love you!!

  13. 13

    happy birthday, dear friend! i can’t believe you’re finally 30–the thirties are really great! i have LOTS of experience being thirty ;) i’m chuckling, too, because i just ordered all of the same fabric you just showed. i’m going to try kid-sized messenger bags for the boys and my nieces. i can just see abe carrying around a little bag with the gnome fabric. hope you have a fabulous day and i wish i could join you downtown, but cade has that retirement party. enjoy your special–you are a blessing and gift to us all!

  14. 14
    Stephanie says:

    Happy Birthday! Oh, to be 30 again! It sounds like you’re stuffing your birthday weekend with a lot of work. Make sure to take more than just a few hours to shop for yourself. Eat that banana split and relax. You’ve earned it!

  15. 15

    i also forgot to apologize for the colds–i think i’m directly responsible for them. unfortunately,we won’t be at church tomorrow due to several runny noses and coughs, so we’re going to the swap meet. thanks for the great idea.

  16. 16
    lindsey cheney says:

    joy – i’ll see you there! we’re too snotty to go, too!

  17. 17

    Happy happy Birthday, Lindsey! Thinking of you…

  18. 18
    Brenda Williams says:

    ]=\Happy Birthday Lindsey!! The 30s are great!!
    Hope your day was wonderful.

  19. 19
    Jeff and Robin says:

    Happy Birthday, Lindsey! I hope you had fun shopping alone and spending all your well-earned money!

    Can you post the prices on those little pouches again? My disorganized purse is begging for one!

  20. 20
    lindsey cheney says:

    robin – the pouches are $12. i hope to make some tonight,but this cold is wiping me out, so maybe not :( .

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Lindsey! The early 30’s are great so enjoy it! I can’t wait to see the pouches! And I hope you enjoyed an afternoon of shopping by yourself!

    Shelly Primm

  22. 22

    i think i am close to being the last one to say happy birthday to you on your 30! that would make me the alpha and omega of birthday blessings :-)
    (unless someone posts after me).


    i m glad your day was special…that you “made lemonade.”


  23. 23
    Cathi Hamen says:

    i want one too linds!

  24. 24

    Happy Birthday..welcome to the Dirty Thirty club!
    Wow sounds like you had a fab day, and I am definately going to pinch the 30 things I love about you idea..it is cool!
    Love and birthday wishes.

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