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yep. she turned five. i’m amazed how much it has affected me. no real tears , though. i held it together. she was working me though! we have been doing a paper chain countdown (links on the chain = number of days left until her b-day) for about 76 days. yes, 76 – it was a long chain! she kept asking me every day for a couple months when her birthday was, so the chain was a more tangible way for her to grasp when her day was (and to get her to stop asking!). so over the last week she would take one chain link off each day, and tell me how many days left. the night before her birthday she could barely contain all her excitement, she asked at 6:30 if she could go to bed because she knew as soon as she woke up she would be 5. so funny!
her special day was great: the night before sean and i decorated the house with streamers and filled her room with balloons, and left a trail of gifts to our room. so early in the morning she woke up, saying how much she loved the “twirlies” (streamers), came into our bed and held up her last 2 chain links right in front of me, tore off the last one and announced that she was 5, and then opened her gifts. we got sucked into the webkins thing and she got her first one – definitely her favorite gift. she had her breakfast made to order: “pancakes with strawberries and lots of syrup”. we later went to the little zoo just north of us. the kids all loved it, so much that we bought an annual family pass. as we were walking in i remembered that we had taken gracie to that same zoo on her first birthday. that seemed so long ago, and we were such a little family back then! she requested mcdonalds for lunch, then we headed home for naps. the night before we asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner. she told me she wanted to go to “the place where they speak spanish, cook food in front of you, and celebrate your birthday, and sing to you, and make volcanoes”! so we headed to a japanese restaurant for teppan (sp?). she had her best friend (and her family) there to celebrate with her.
when we were laying with the girls and praying for them at bedtime, gracie prayed: ” God, make me 5 then 6 {at this point i’m mouthing to sean”what!?! bigger?!”}, so i can grow up to be a mommy”! how cute is that?! i keep freaking out when she says she wants to grow up, but she always says she wants to grow up to have babies, “if God lets me”. a girl after my own heart.
i have told her for so long that i didn’t want her to turn 5 because i have really liked 4. its been a lot of fun! five comes with so much more responsibility and growing up and changes. she’s not a toddler anymore. its not as cute for her to say things incorrectly (ex: “babing suit” = bathing suit). now she has to be corrected. she is really getting so big. thankfully, though, she is a very tiny little girl, and she still looks like she’s about 3, sizewise.
i am very thankful for her. she has changed my life in ways i could never have imagined. no one could ever explain in a way that is fully comprehensive what having a child does to you . i have lost my “self” in this, but i have gained something new, a new self. a different self. someone i never expected. i still have a lot of changing to do, a lot more “losing of self” to do. this is an amazing process. thankfully, a very well thought out, pre-designed, ordained process. and i cannot do this alone!
happy birthday, grace olivia!



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    i am so glad that you survived gracie turning 5–i don’t even want to think about eli’s b’day. she is such a sweet, sweet little girl. it’s been so fun to watch her grow.

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    Jeannett Gibson says:

    great post. loved it. kids really do have a way of jumbling you up…shaking up and down like a snowglobe…but you love every minute and wouldn’t have it any other way! (husbands kind of do it too…)

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    Stephanie says:

    What a beauty! My daughter just turned 5 and we decorated the night before and went to zoo on her birthday too! We were on the train at the zoo and she turned around to the lady behind us and said “Can you NOT believe I am 5 today?” Too funny!

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    Kristen says:

    what a sweet post for your little lady! it sounds like she had a wonderful day. it is hard to see them grow up but there are so many wonderful times ahead – i know the feelings you are having – been there myself.

  5. 5
    Cathi Hamen says:

    Happy 5th Birthday Gracie~
    love, Jordyn & the Hamen Family

  6. 6
    Soderin Family says:

    Well spoken Lindsey. I cannot imagine what it will be like when Noah turns five. He waved for the first time tonight and tears came to my eyes as my heart pounded with shear pride.

    I recieved my headband today and I LOVE it!!! Thanks. Do you need to send me a paypal link?

    Grace is beautiful, and it sounds like you made her day so very special.

  7. 7

    who says they can’t peak in wittle gil talk?

    i love all the pictures, her eyes are so blue!
    May Gracifine’s :-) eyes always be fixed on her God, who writes, and ordains her life. May she live in his love “better than life,” and live a life that brings glory to Him.

  8. 8
    Lisa Leonard says:

    what a beautiful post! and a beautiful little girl!! sounds like the perfect birthday. did you know you can use your zoo pass at the SB zoo as well? xoxo

  9. 9

    What a special day your girl had! I love the paper chain idea. Brilliant. Lucky lucky girl.
    I tagged you on my blog… have fun!

  10. 10

    Happy birthday Grace Olivia. What a beautiful name for a beautiul little girl. Coming from a mom of a 14 year old. Although it is hard to move from season to season with our children each season brings us that many more beautiful memories to love on that much more!

  11. 11
    Michelle B says:

    How sweet! Happy Birthdy Gracie! My oldest one will be 4 at the end of the summer. I never realized how hard my child’s birthday would be on me! So bitter-sweet. To see them grow. Wonderful Blog!

  12. 12
    blessedme says:

    Happy Birthday to your little sweetheart, you’ve got me crying with that awesome post. I just loved it…I can’t think of more to say, you’ve really touched my heart.

  13. 13
    Heather says:

    Happy Birthday Gracie-O…and to mommy. :) Yes, each birthday comes up fast-before you know it, you’ll have a 15, 13, and 11 year old-like me! I do sit back and marvel at how it all happened-I’m right there with you girl! Thanks for sharing these moments with us-you’re so good about it! :) See you soon, Heath

  14. 14

    dude… i cried when i read this blog! so sweet!

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe gracie is 5 already. It seems like just yesterday we all there to welcome her into the world. She is such a sweet little girl. Wish we could have been there for her birthday but we are looking forward to her party. Give her a hug from us. Grandma Lynda

  16. 16
    Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    oh, sweet Gracie. I cannot believe that she is already 5! I have been praying for God’s hand in her life since she was born and will continue to pray that she grows into an amazing, godly woman.

  17. 17
    Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    oh, sweet Gracie. I cannot believe that she is already 5! I have been praying for God’s hand in her life since she was born and will continue to pray that she grows into an amazing, godly woman.

  18. 18
    BossyLucy says:

    What a great idea (sorry for the delay in leaving a comment)! I loved it so much that I used it last night for my daughter’s b-day today. I am planning on blogging about it and would like to link to your blog. Would that be okay?

  19. 19
    lindsey cheney says:

    absolutely, bossylucy! thanks!

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