my little man

i love how his ears were flipped forward!

this is classic silas – always smiling! he is such a happy boy!

hmmm… let’s see what soil tastes like…

not bad! i think i’ll have some more! and next i’ll try a clump of mud – yum!

silas is 9 months old now! i cannot believe how fast time is moving with him. he is pure joy – such a very fun baby. he is super adventurous – crawling all over the house, getting into everything, cruising along all the furniture, pushing whatever he can find around the house as a “walker”, climbing on top of tables, standing up and rocking on chairs. man! that kid freaks me out! but we have to laugh at all he does because he’s smiling the whole time!
we just had his 9 month checkup on monday. he weighs 18.5 pounds! he is 20% for weight and 90% for height – he actually grew 2 1/2 inches in the last 3 months! no wonder all his pants are now capris! good thing its shorts weather now (97 degrees here today!).
he’s a really good eater – he’ll pretty much eat whatever i give him. he never took to baby food, so he’s great about eating whatever we’re eating. his favorites are: frozen peas, corn, cheerios, pears, and bananas. so on our floor you’ll find at all times:
frozen peas, corn, cheerios, pears, and bananas!
he’s been given a few nicknames: si, si ry, cutest boy, buddy, bud – lily says, “butty”, or “butt” – its pretty cute.
things i’m thankful for today:
playing in the sprinklers with friends
smoothie pops on the front porch
lunch with friends
very good attitudes today
comfortable, easy relationships
a good run this morning (more walking and talking, but who cares!)
time for a little gardening this morning
a place to garden
new growth in the yard
not having anything on the calendar for 2 days!



  1. 1
    Kristen says:

    he is so stinkin cute – can’t help but smile when I look at that boy!

  2. 2

    He is so… cute!!!!

    Have a great day!!

    Carrie and Tanner

  3. 3

    hey, we don’t have anything on our calendar, either! doesn’t it feel good? silas is so cute! he’s got the best grin.

  4. 4

    yum-o! silas not the dirt.

  5. 5
    Sugar Plum says:

    He’s so cute. Have to love kids that eat dirt. mmmm!

  6. 6
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    ok, a few things:
    look at all those teeth!!!!

    i have to admit a feeling of relief when i saw that i’m not the only mom that “lets” her kid eat dirt!

    no climbing here…yet…and i’m not sad about it.

    if he were any cuter, it would be illegal!

    why the ruuning again?! who does this??? :)

  7. 7

    ohhh my si!! This is when I miss them the most – I miss the little growth spurts! Can’t wait to hold him and make him laugh :} XOXO

  8. 8

    Your little boy is adorable. I couldn’t help but notice he is wearing my teams hat. Go Angels. Keep up the good work I love your blog.

  9. 9
    Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    such a cutie!!

  10. 10
    Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    such a cutie!!

  11. 11
    Thomas Clan says:

    yep, have to agree Silas is such a cutie. We need to get Bowen and him together and see who can smile the longest….boys are so fun!! See you soon?
    Stacy :)

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