catching up

lots of catching up to do this week. i just got my sewing machine back from the repair shop and i’ve had orders waiting to be filled. *thank you for your patience!* funny/not so funny story about the machine repair: so i drop off my machine to be repaired on monday and ask how long it will take. he says, “when do you need it?”. i say, “as soon as possible. i use it every day”. he says he’ll try to get it done by wednesday. so today is thursday, right? no call from the repair guy. i call him at 4 o’clock to see if my machine is ready. he says he’s been real busy and hasn’t gotten to it yet, “maybe friday or saturday”!! again he asks, “when do you need it?”, and i say, “well…. you told me it would be ready yesterday”. he says, “oh! oh, uh… come pick it up at 5 o’clock”. 5 o’clock?!? you mean in 1 hour? so i’ve waited without my machine all this time for something you could fix in one hour?!? anyhoo, got my machine back, the man is actually very nice, and my machine is PURRING! i’ve never heard this thing sound so good! i guess it really did need a tune-up. it used to sound like “kuchunk, kuchunk, kuchunk” and now it says “vvvvvvrrrrrrr”! much, much better, and honestly worth the very impatient wait. so i’m catching up on those orders (what am i doing blogging right now?!?), and they should be in the mail monday at the latest.

we’re going camping this weekend and i am so excited! we very rarely go on vacations alone. i’m not really sure why, but we almost always are visiting someone, or bring another family along, which we love, but this solo family thing will be fairly new to us and i’m really looking forward to it. i’m looking forward to playing games with sean, eating lots of snacks, walking and playing at the beach, maybe watching sean surf (its been way too long!), and sleeping in. oh, wait… reality check: i never get to sleep in, unless 6:30 is what most people consider sleeping in, because that would be late for us!

i also have some catching up to do with the kid reports. we have lots of family that reads this blog and i haven’t dedicated much time on here to the kids lately, so here you go:

gracie is now 15, i mean 5, and is so so big. she’s really maturing in a way that makes me happysad. yes, i made up that word, but i mean i’m so pleased with who she’s becoming that it makes me sad to see it happening before my eyes and not slowing down. she is a joy. disciplining her is minimal, which is very nice. she is awesome with silas, but growing less tolerant of lily, unfortunately. if any one knows how to make your kids love each other please let me know (brianna?). tomorrow is her last day of preschool. ever. thats a little sad.

lily is so very 2 right now. she is changing so much and maturing in her vocabulary, although so many people still don’t understand her. i’ve been saddened a couple times lately when she so badly wants to play with the big kids, but they’ve expressed a disinterest in her because they can’t understand her. so sad to hear. potty training is going slowly, mostly my fault. i’ve been very lazy about it. it’ll happen, right? she’s got such high high’s and low low’s. she sweeps me off my feet with her sweet words, but baffles me with her overly aggressive behavior. oh, sweet lily, how about a bit more balance?

silas…oh silas! how you have stolen my heart, boy! although i have begun to tire of the long sleepless nights, he keeps me energized in the days with all his new “tricks”. he has been taking a couple steps at a time, crawling/climbing on everything (how many times have i had to get him off the table?), waving and saying “haaaaiiii!”, standing for so long, giving tight squeezing hugs – so tight that he grunts!, just learning to kiss, and still snuggling and nursing like nobody’s business! he just cut his 7th tooth through yesterday. he eats pretty much whatever food we put in front of him, and he really is super happy! i love when he’s across the room and all i have to do is say his name and he flashes me that huge grin. ahh! he’s got me!

things i’m thankful for today:
my kids
the anticipation of the weekend away
that this week has been better than last
that i’m figuring my kids out a bit more
that my sewing machine is fixed and i found my camera

oh, and ps – a bunch of you have emailed and asked if i had more pouches for sale. i still have more from this post, and am making up about 20 or so more. soon…



  1. 1
    Kristen says:

    so glad your sewing machine is fixed and back in use. we love our pouches and use them daily. i was actually thinking yesterday i should get more – so glad to know there are some available and more coming :o)

    loved the update on your kiddos. they are all so beautiful. gracie reminds me of morgan at that age- oh how i miss it. when you figure lily out pass on the tips because my little mauryn has no medium either – she is happy or she is mad/sad. when she is happy it is wonderful when she is mad/sad well it is a bit of a challenge as you know. that silas is one handsome guy- getting so big. it will be an adventure with that boy climbing and just being all boy.

    have fun camping this weekend – enjoy the time with your family!

  2. 2

    Did you feel lost without your sewing machine? I am glad that you got it back. Your kids are adorable in all of your pictures. Have fun camping this weekend. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. 3
    Carrie Haughey says:

    Silas looks soooo much like his Daddy…

    Your girls get more beautiful every time I see them!

    I can’t help you with the girls getting along, all I can tell you is that my sister and I went through phases of being super close and then distant all our lives, until around high school. Since then we have been best friends… it can still happen, it just may take a bit.

  4. 4
    Stephanie says:

    your kids are so darling! I love the necklace picture and the one of you and Silas. Too cute!

  5. 5
    Lisa Leonard says:

    fun pics, great update. have a blast camping!!

  6. 6
    Brianna Heldt says:

    hmmm…yeah that’s a tricky one! my kids certainly have their share of “disagreements” from time to time too, though overall i think they get along really well.

    i’m not sure what, if anything, helps with that. we like to be accomodating if one kid wants space to play alone, so we don’t force them to play together. i DO have a rule that they have to be nice tho.

    they spend a LOT of time together and we’re home a lot, and they have never had any formal activities apart from each other (preschool, sports, etc.)–of course it won’t always be that way, but so far it’s been good. for us, it’s worked really well keeping things simple. (and i don’t feel like we’re depriving them even though i’m sure some might think so.)

    no advice, just that every kid is different and i think it’s SO HARD to find that balance between intervening and staying out of it so they can work it out themselves. good luck and if you figure out a magic formula please do let me know, i could use it! :)

  7. 7
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    Seeing posts like this makes me have baby fever…i can’t wait to see the different personalities from the same set of parents!

    Glad you got your machine back! YOu making any pillows by chance? ;)

  8. 8

    thanks for the update. i think happysad is already a word- bittersweet.

    michael and i both agree that silas looks too big in the pic of you holding him. squish him back down!

    we are expecting 22 at the casa this weekend (uh huh exceeding the 13 limit). i am nervous… that’s a lot of kids!

    i am LOVING the time off though, i think the kids kinda like me again.

    so are you home the last weekend of this month? want company??
    me & josie maybe??

  9. 9
    Cathi Hamen says:

    we are the same way when we travel.. its important to do it alone too oh so jeff tells me! have soo much fun!!

  10. 10

    Happy Belated Birthday! So fun.

    We will always want to play with your sweet Lily. I love how she gets into playing peekaboo!

    Besides, even if Sedona is following the older ones(which she likes to do), Marissa is younger and will want to follow Lily! It all works out.

    Happy Sewing!

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