date night

you know its date night when:
you’re wearing cute shoes (with a heel) and carrying a purse (that doesn’t have any diapers, wipes, sippy cups, or smashed cheerios in it). (don’t comment on my need for a pedicure unless you’re willing to give me one!)

you know you’re a parent when:
even though your kids are happy at home, you keep thinking how much they would love to be watching the chef make the “volcano”

you know you’ve had too much to eat when:
you keep commenting how nice maternity wear really is, because of the expanding waistline, and wish you were still wearing something with an elastic waist!

you know date night is over when:
the babysitter calls and you can’t understand a thing she’s saying because the baby is crying so hard in her arms.

you know you’ve made the right career choice when:
you find true joy in holding your sleeping boy, while your friends are still out having fun.

happy birthday chad! thanks for the fun night! you are an incredible partner and friend to my husband, and i’m so glad we’re all on this crazy ride together!


doll quilt

i made this little doll quilt for a sweet birthday girl last week. this was my first try at a doll quilt. i’ve seen many others and always thought, “why waste all that time on a quilt for a doll?”, but now i see why! it was quick and fun, near instant gratification. it took me about 2 hours to complete this and i pieced it entirely from scraps. it was a little hard puzzle piecing all the odd sized pieces, but the challenge made it more fun, too!