its official –

i am the worst blog owner ever! oh, how i tease and post multiple times a week, then POOF! i disappear, as if i have something better to do than update my blog daily. my poor little blog, i am so sorry. i’d love to promise to pay more attention to you, but i’d only disappoint you again. i do have excuses, lots of them, but i know you’re tired of hearing them. i would love to catch you up on what i’ve been up to, but that takes time too. for now, i guess i’ll just have to ask for forgiveness. i’m sorry, dear little imperfect blog. can you please forgive me? pretty please?
but maybe you’ll be interested in what i did this morning: my parents are in town (which you of course didn’t know, because i haven’t told you yet) to work on the building of the garage in the back (again, sorry about the lack of notice on this – i even have pictures that i have yet to show you!) and we went garage sale-ing. it was a very good garage sale-ing day! at the first stop i got a 2 piece hutch. i really only wanted the bottom part to use as a sofa table, but it came as a set.

i figured we’d have to reconfigure the top part to make a good bookshelf, if we even kept it at all. but once my husband and dad hauled it inside i knew it would work. i just had them flip it upside down!
it even has a great storage spot at the base where i can store all (ok, some) of silas’ balls and toys! these 2 pieces just need a little love in the paint department and they’ll be good to go. but let’s be realistic: they are already in place where they’ll probably live for awhile since we have a lack of storage (remember – no garage?) so they’ll be in use just as they are until i get up the gumption to ruin them by smacking on some paint and hacking them up while i distress them. oh glorious distressed furniture! so great for a house with children! and i want to paint them turquoise – nicole, does this surprise you? i want to paint everything turquoise!
i also almost (ok, not really) bought some really cute slipper chairs that were calling out for me to slip cover them, but at their $300 price tag, i ignored their pleas. i rounded off the morning with 2 turquoise (shocker) mason jars, a baby gate, and a high char/booster seat thing. not a bad start to a saturday! i hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!


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    how great that you have a bookshelf and sofa table. can’t wait to see them painted turquoise. i can’t have too much turquoise in the house as hubby doesn’t exactly love it.

  2. 2

    What a great idea to turn the top upside down! That gives you great storage at the bottom, and a perfect place for tall books at the top. Good find!!

  3. 3

    What great finds! I too have a strange compulsion to paint everything turquoise. Why is it such a dreamy color?

  4. 4
    Kristen says:

    love that book shelf – what a great find!

  5. 5
    Stephanie says:

    I love that sofa table! I’m going garage sale-ing in the morning…hoping for some good finds :)

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