a little gift

i put together this little gift for my girls’ ballet teacher as a thank you: a zippered pouch, chubby pushpins, and a reversible headband. they have their first performance on sunday, then we’ll be taking a break from ballet for a bit. we have loved their teacher and their time of learning. thank you, miss daniella!
i hope to have some sets like these available for you soon!

things i’m thankful for today:
progress on the backhouse
good naps
good family
lots of work for my husband
a fun package in the mail



  1. 1

    Great gift! Teachers love thoughtful, handmade gifts!

  2. 2

    Hi, I just discovered your blog. Love your creativity! Thanks for sharing and inspiring other moms.

  3. 3
    up too late. again. says:

    Finally. Tonight I got to catch up on your stuff here. Lovely!


  4. 4

    what a super cute idea! love it!

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