carnival party

we’re up and running here again! we’ve had no technical difficulties in a few days (other than the still broken camera), but the busy-ness of life has kept me far from the computer. here’s a quick recap of my last few weeks (maybe i’ll eventually get back to these times with posts and pictures… maybe):
-my parents were here for a week working on the guest house/garage (monday to sunday)
-the day they left my sister-in-law and my niece came (sunday to thursday)
-a couple days later i ran in a mini triathlon, then the girls had their first dance recital, then the kids and i packed up to go to my parents’ house (sunday to thursday)
-we got home thursday afternoon and that evening our very good friends came and stayed with us (thursday to monday)
-then my in-law’s came to help with silas’ party (thursday a.m. – sunday a.m.)
-then my parents came again (thursday p.m. to sunday)
-then the rest of my husbands’ family came (friday to today)

phewwww! talk about nonstop! these last few weeks have been filled with so much fun, but i am looking forward to a bit of family time alone.

so… without further a do, here are some pics from silas’ party (all taken by my brother-in-law – thanks david!):

about 67 yards of these pennants/flags were stretched all across the backyard, too

it was a really fun party. a huge thank you goes out to all our family who helped us in the days before to pull this all together. i think all the planning and prepping was half the fun! now all of the decorations and party supplies have been packed into a big ol’ box and are on their way to bend, oregon to celebrate another little guy’s first birthday, after that they’ll be posted on ebay as a “party-in-a-box”!



  1. 1
    Lisa Leonard says:

    so, so much fun and so much creativity! cannot believe he’s one!!

  2. 2

    what an incredibly cute and fun party!! selling the banners, etc… as party in a box is genius.

  3. 3

    You have amazed me since day one with your parties. I dream of doing parties and have done them as a side business here and there. I wish that could be my full time job. You have a true talent.

  4. 4

    very very fun!! happy birthday to silas.

  5. 5

    such an adorable idea for a party! i LOVE the decorations, and the food looked great too! i bet your little guy had a blast! didn’t “one” creep up fast this time? i still can’t believe our guy is one!!

  6. 6

    Love all the decorations! I love to plan my daughters bday parties. You did a great job!! Do you always sell them of ebay?

  7. 7
    Jeannett Gibson says:

    great ebay idea!!! way to re-coup or even MAKE some money on it! Loved the party…Henry said that next year he wants Miss Lindsey to do the decorating…:)

  8. 8

    Every party you throw gets better and better! I am so impressed. It would be great if you could start a themed party supply business, and get your creations mass produced and become a millionaire!

  9. 9
    My Love is..... says:

    what a lovely well planned day. well done!!

  10. 10
    Shealynn Benner says:

    WOW!! You have been busy! ;) That party looks GREAT!!! Hmmm. My daughter’s 2nd birthday is in October. Got any ideas? :) LOL!!! I loved everything. You are so creative. BTW, I started sewing my quilt!!

  11. 11
    Shelly G and Hope P says:

    Your ideas are so fun… What a great way to celebrate a birthday… I just love it:)

  12. 12

    What a wonderful party – great ideas, decor, etc! You are so good at this kind of stuff! Loved the pic of Silas sitting in his cake!

  13. 13
    blessedme says:

    Oh, this looks so adorable. Hon, come and create any of my kids parties anytime!

  14. 14

    Yes, it was super fun. It was awesome to spend some time with you guys and help Silas celebrate! Love you guys!

  15. 15
    Stephanie says:

    I love his cake! What a darling party. I want that party in a box!

  16. 16
    Christine says:

    super cute! what an amazing idea… i’ve been waiting to see the pictures of all your fun filled ideas and i have to say that everything turned out so amazing. you are my creative hero! hehe! silas is such a super handsome and cute boy!

  17. 17

    Heard it was an awesome party!!! Happy Birthday, Silas!!!!

    Thinking of you guys,

    Carrie and Tanner

  18. 18
    Momofgirls says:

    OK…What would you do for a girl’s sweet 16? I have spent the afternoon on your blog, loving each and every idea…you are amazing! But, really, if you have any ideas for me…!!!!!!

  19. 19
    Jennifer Partin says:

    I have a son who will turn 1 in November——do you think you can sell the “party in a box” to me before listing it on e-bay? We have a really hard time getting party supplies here in Japan!

  20. 20
    Tiffany Nelson says:

    Cake bunting – 4 years ago. Wow!

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