update on the boy

this update is mostly for family and friends. sorry if you’re hearing this first here – i just can’t call you all – there’s too many of you!

so a couple weeks ago silas was eating peanuts and he tripped and choked. not choked like he couldn’t breathe, but like he was coughing a lot. immediately after that he was wheezing and did for the last couple weeks. we called the dr. and he said to watch for fever or discomfort, neither of which we saw. but then last week he started coughing, so i became a bit concerned. we went to see the doc and she said she heard something in his throat. he was sent to the hospital immediately for xrays, which showed nothing. the doc still thought there was something to be concerned about so today we were sent to valley children’s hospital a couple hours from here to have a consultation with a pediatric pulminologist. he heard nothing. the wheeze was gone. good right? not neccesarily. he said it (whatever was causing the problem initially – peanut?) may still be there. so he recommended a bronchoscopy (?). that’s where they put silas under and put a scope down his throat looking for the problem point, then remove said problem. outpatient procedure. so thats what we’re doing. we had the option to wait it out, but knew that it still left the risk of infection if left untreated. silas will have this done on thursday at 11a.m. we have to get there early for the i.v. and all the prep stuff, then we should be done around noon or so. we’d appreciate your prayers for our boy. i’m not too concerned, because it is fairly minor. but as we have gone through this stuff today i have realized some things:
– i am so thankful to have healthy children
– i am so thankful to not be familiar with the children’s hospital as so many familes that spend days, weeks, months and years there
– silas is at an age where he has no idea whats happening, thankfully, and he isn’t afraid
– the thought of putting him “under” scares me
– it is very hard to hold my son, but know that in the end he is not mine. he belongs to God and i need to have a loose grip on him. so hard for me to do


harvest festival

fun, long weekend. lots of catching up to do. lots of items to put in the shop soon. must get some sleep.