we have this elmo doll (wait… had this elmo doll – i think i finally threw it away) that did the hokey pokey. when he was all done he would say, “whew, that was fun. elmo’s pooped”. my kids have always thought that was hilarious, no matter how many times and different ways i would try to explain that “pooped” meant tired. anywho… we’re tired around here.

we had a very fun weekend camping at the church family campout. it actually went much better than i had expected, even with the 108 temperature! the part i was most skeptical about, the tent, was actually great. we bought a huge tent that was more like a condo. it has 3 seperate rooms, which we put the girls in one, silas in another, and we took the last. it was awesome. and thankfully we had power in our space so we were able to have a fan blowing on the girls when it was 95 degrees at 9 at night, and silas’ noise machine, which was so helpful for naps and bedtime. the only real bummer of the weekend was when lily suffered from some sort of heat exhaustion or dehydration. saturday evening around dinner she spiked a nasty fever and became really lethargic. she wouldn’t eat or drink anything and was burning up. after ice packs and an ice bath and being up all night, she was back to 100% by the time we got home sunday afternoon.

the fun never stops around here. i’ve been working every spare minute i’ve got on products to sell at the harvest festival in a couple weeks, staying up way too late. and here’s a look into our day today, which explains why lily was sleeping during lunch today:

8:30 – drop gracie off at school
9:00 – drop lily off at school
9:30 – get silas down for a nap
10:30 – help out in gracie’s class
11:50 – leave gracie’s school to pick up lily
12:00 – pick up lily
12:30 – feed kids lunch – lily falls asleep – ask friend to pick up grace at 1:30
1:15 – get lily in her bed for a nap
2:45 – get silas down for a nap – lily wakes up right as he goes down – AAAAAAHHH!
4:15 – leave house for soccer practice early to stop by social security office (why don’t i have silas’ ss #?)
4:30 – get to ss office only to find they close at 4!
5:00 – soccer practice for gracie
6:00 – head home
6:50 – eat dinner
7:30 – bedtime and MAJOR breakdowns

this is a pretty standard day. got not much done. no laundry, a few dishes, no straightening or actual cleaning. a little crafting. maybe a little too much crafting. hmmm….

off to do more!



  1. 1

    i hear ya. i’m pooped too. sounds like a full day! thankfully there will always be tomorrow. ;)

  2. 2
    Penny Malley says:

    Such a sweet picture. I just want to pinch her cheeks, but I wouldn’t dare wake her up!
    So what’s this Harvest festival you’re crafting for? I might need to clear my calendar….

  3. 3

    hey penny! its the arroyo grande harvest festival (www.agharvestfestival.com) on september 26th and 27th. wanna come?

  4. 4

    I love that picture and have wanted to drop my head in my banana’s so many times!!! I’m glad you guys had fun camping :) I used to have a schedule almost just like that but with one more kid thrown in there! It does get crazy but it makes life fun too :) Love ya lots XOXO

  5. 5
    Lisa Leonard says:

    life has been crazy, i agree. we are still getting used to the school schedule and the running around. that pic of lily is priceless!!

  6. 6

    what a cute picture of lily. the condo tent sounds great. i’d totally tent camp with something like that.

  7. 7

    Wheww, I’m pooped just reading your day! That picture is priceless:)
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog Lindsey, check out mine if you get a chance. I’m new at it so it can use a little help!
    Take care, hope you have a restful weekend!

  8. 8
    Cathi Hamen says:

    welcome to life with school age children linds!! so much fun when our time was our time huh????
    love the pooped picture! we had the same elmo… he was popular with our girls too!

  9. 9

    oh sweet lily – love that picture.

    amazing how life goes from zero to sixty once your kids are school aged and involved in activities – even when you are homeschooling…. crazy!

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