my messy desk

so, i’m sitting here trying to get something, anything done at my desk and i am so overwhelmed. i’m realizing its not just the amount of projects that i have going that is bogging me down, but the fact that there are all in process ON MY DESK! so, just for kicks, i thought i’d give you a rundown of whats on my desk:
a ripped pocahantes costume (why isn’t it in the trash?)
some bills (oops! better get to those!)
my journal
a half assembled glenda the good witch crown and all that goes into it (fabric, rhinestones…)
a house phone
an iphone box (that goes to the phone i’ve had for a few weeks and have yet to TOUCH!)
papers for an upcoming boutique
my computer
jars holding covered buttons
wire stand holding posy pin parts
sewing machine
another house phone (some days i end up with all 3 here)
2 digital cameras
video camera
box of pins (after all these years of sewing i don’t own a pincushion. pathetic)
bucket of scissors and pens
a shirt waiting for me to “orange-ify” it by tomorrow for a class party
a pile of new fabrics (!!!)
a HUGE pile of unfinishes projects, about 2 feet tall: notebook covers, posy pins, zippered pouches
a jar full of thread
a jar full of notions
lots of scribbled notes
all on top of a cutting mat.

hmmm… clearing my desk sounds like it would make me more productive. i’ll get right on that, just after i
make the shirt with something orange
finish the glenda crown
finish the glenda dress
cut out the new posy pins
throw away the pocahantes costume

i have now made the shirt (added a pumpkin) and a matching posy hair clip to boot!
finished the glenda crown
finished the glenda dress
tossed the pocahantes costume
and still haven’t touched the pile for new posies



  1. 1
    The Toney Family says:

    so funny! You got an iphone! Yay- welcome to the family.

  2. 2
    Deborah W says:

    I know EXACTLY how you feel! Overload!!! Some days I simply take everything off my desk and pile it on the floor, then start working on whatever’s on top, and work my way down. Not a very good method because I NEVER get to the bottom of the pile!!! Good luck with it all!

  3. 3

    wow. and i thought i had a to do list! get crackin girl!

  4. 4

    i can’t believe you have an iPhone and haven’t even touched it yet! i’ve been waiting for one of those, but can’t get one until we decide which flippin’ country we are going to end up living in. you lucky little girl ;o)

  5. 5

    I’m tired just reading! I have lots to do also but it’s not sitting in front of me – taunting and annoying! But I know you and you will get it all done just in time :)

  6. 6

    i am a bit envious of that iphone…. i wanted one but the coverage here isn’t great so i will have to wait until we get better service to make it worth it.

    i am always amazed by how much you get done. your list may seem long but you will get it all done and all your projects will be marvelous as usual.

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