breaker breaker

spider silas, showing off his balancing skills, wearing a backwards bib/impromptu cape

lately my boy has become, well, all boy. he’s rough, and aggressive, and really, really likes to throw things. mostly balls, but really its whatever he can get his hands on. in a matter of days last week here’s what he managed to break:
-a pair of eye glasses
-a second pair of eye glasses that i had just got the day before to replace the first pair
-a drinking glass ( for the kids, one that i thought was so thick it was probably unbreakable)
-a vintage cranberry glass (he opened my hutch and grabbed the first thing he could, then hucked it across the room as i’m saying, “no, silas, no silas, no silas, NO SILAS!!!!”
-a tile coaster with a family picture on it (i think this one may be repairable)

the kids is a nut! and he’s costing me a fortune in glasses!

i’d include pics, but it was too depressing to actually make the effort to document all of this.


  1. 1
    Sara@ Butterville says:

    Argh! Boys! When Butter was little I could leave the rooom and there she would play, all nice and clean and tidy and WOULDN’T move. No, I did not superglue or velcro her diaper. Then came Roo. He hops and runs everywhere. Like a hurricane. I too have gone through the glasses breaking period. I know that this child will someday be the cause of my heart failure and it will have nothing to do whith the chocolate and potatoe chips I use to calm my nerves. Boys, Praise my Mother in-law she raised 3 of them and 2 liked fire and hachets A LOT! Pray my sister, we must be in prayer for each other everyday! LOL :)

  2. 2

    Oh dear, is this what I need to be ready for?! I am so unprepared! I think I’ll just send Grant out to the farm with Darin all day (if only it were that easy).

    So sorry about your vintage cranberry glass. =(

  3. 3

    yeah, my glasses are duct taped together at this point. i take a little bit of comfort in the fact that they’re taped at the temple and not in the front, but cade says i need a new pair.

  4. 4

    i forgot to say what a cute picture of silas. love the mask and cape.

  5. 5
    My Love is..... says:

    Ohhhhhh me too…. my handsome has just this last week started being a big boy and with it came the throwing…admittedly the throwing started in small doses awhile ago…but now it is a big part of our day…… I am hoping he starts on something else soon.

  6. 6

    welcome to my world!!!

    wait until they get bigger. then they are throwing their body across the room or flying their bike/skateboard over their ramp. keeps us on our knees! :)

    he’s so cute!

  7. 7

    glad thanksgiving is at your house and not at mine.

  8. 8

    Oh I hear ya, I have THREE of them :) My house is very loud and forever a running track. And the speed at which they can get into things …me oh my! My second was the climber…still is I think he is half monkey LOL :)
    I have sisters so this boy thing was all new to me. They are an absolute crack up though!
    Btw, is it possible to make a cape w/out a sewing machine??

  9. 9

    denissa – i’ve never tried the cape without a machine, but there is a product that you can iron between fabrics so they’ll stick together. can’t remember the name of it! but that might work.

  10. 10

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