budding photographer + crazy family

who is that man (that has a nose that looks like it was made from bandaids)?

silas! your nose fell off!



pretty kitty

arrrr, me hardys!

okaaaaay… let’s get that last post behind us and move on! how about something much lighter? sounds good to me, too. (btw, i’m feeling much better. meds have kicked in and the sun has come out! how’s this: my pastor spoke today about the gospel and our suffering. suffering! very timely, i thought, however minor my suffering was in light of, well, just about any other situation. thanks for your kind words.) so….

lily got a new camera from her grandparents for her birthday. this was such a welcome gift as she’s always stealing mine and walking around the house with it, being not-so-careful. this one is kid-tough, although the quality of pics is pretty low. but she doesn’t mind. she plays with this camera probably an hour or more each day – its hilarious. the camera has some fun features, including these add-ons. these are a few of the best shots, aside from the detailed photos we now have of our carpet!



  1. 1

    yeah lily- great job on the pictures. landon seems to keep taking my camera all the time as well, something to consider for his birthday.

  2. 2
    Cathi Hamen says:

    hey which one is it jordi needs something fun like that!

  3. 3

    its a vtech kidizoom camera.

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