did you know?

did you know that i have the best best friend ever? well, i do. she loves me so much that she went out of her way, with her 3 kids, to get more fabric for the pleated poppy and ship it to me (she lives a state away. sniff sniff.). wanna see what the next batch of posy pins will look like? head on over to the pleated poppy!

isn’t she great?!?



  1. 1

    That is SO sweet! I’m really missing my BFF that also lives a state away…sniff sniff :(
    the fabric is pretty too!
    glad you’re feeling better

  2. 2

    How sweet of her!!!!! You are blessed to have such a best best friend.

  3. 3

    AWW! what a blessing… can’t wait to see what you create with all that fun fabric.

  4. 4
    Laurel MacD says:

    I miss my BFF – I can’t wait to see your fabric.

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