i have the best husband ever

hop on over to the pleated poppy blog to see what my husband let me do this weekend!


breaker breaker

spider silas, showing off his balancing skills, wearing a backwards bib/impromptu cape

lately my boy has become, well, all boy. he’s rough, and aggressive, and really, really likes to throw things. mostly balls, but really its whatever he can get his hands on. in a matter of days last week here’s what he managed to break:
-a pair of eye glasses
-a second pair of eye glasses that i had just got the day before to replace the first pair
-a drinking glass ( for the kids, one that i thought was so thick it was probably unbreakable)
-a vintage cranberry glass (he opened my hutch and grabbed the first thing he could, then hucked it across the room as i’m saying, “no, silas, no silas, no silas, NO SILAS!!!!”
-a tile coaster with a family picture on it (i think this one may be repairable)

the kids is a nut! and he’s costing me a fortune in glasses!

i’d include pics, but it was too depressing to actually make the effort to document all of this.