gifts from down under

a few weeks back i got really sweet email from a reader from australia. she wanted to send me a gift! for no reason! ummm, let me think about it… ok! we received our wonderful gifts today in the mail, and i tore into them as quickly as i could get them out of the mail lady’s hands. here’s what i was greeted with:

these were the first to be opened. hello chocolate and caramel! super yummy and cruchy crispy perfection. they’ll be gone within a few hours, for sure.

and a teeny tiny billabong flip flop key chain for my husband (can you believe she thought of my husband!?!)

and this cute little hat for me will be perfect next summer since my current summer hat is super old and faded. its made by an australian company called west. jessica, when i visited there about 15 years ago there was a surf company there called hot buttered. is it still around? gotta love the name!

and some australian play money for the kidlets – they’ll love it!

also, this adorable book for the kids. the illustrations are so cute!

yes, there’s more, can you believe it? this is a stitch book filled with ideas fairy projects and ideas – a.dor.a.ble.

and last of all was my favorite gift of all. this magazine is like the australia version of martha stewart kids. its freakin’ awesome! seriously, i am going to spend so much time pouring over this magazine, dog-earing every page. just the cover is enough to drool over: look at the ruffled sweater on the cover model, then look again at her incredible pleated top. oh, and the giant ice cream sandwich cake! crazy inspiring, i tell you!

so, thank you, jessica! this was such a treat, and i feel so honored that you did this all for me and my family! i’m still in shock that she did this just because, and i’m reminded of how wonderful this blogging community is once again. thank you!



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    Tim Tams! Have you ever done a Tim Tam Slam?! You must! It’s really the only way to eat them! You’ll find more info if you google it, but basically…take your tim tam, bite off opposite corners (to make a parallelogram) then dip one corner in a cup of coffee or other hot liquid and suck like a straw! as soon as the hot liquid hits your mouth, put the whole cookie in your mouth. don’t chew! just let it work its magic!

  2. 2

    That was sooooo sweet! And I’ve had one of those candy bars – they are different but yummy :)

  3. 3

    that magazine looks amazing. can’t wait to hear more about that.

  4. 4
    Deborah W says:

    Wow, awesome stuff! How fun to receive all this! My sister’s fiance is Australian and when they visited for Thanksgiving they brought my Mom Tim Tams. We ALL love them! Be sure to share more about what’s inside those mags!!

  5. 5

    oh my how fun! great care package.

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